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  1. Iggy Pop, where it really matters.
  2. I must be a sadist/terrible person/loser/whatever but I have no good reason to enjoy this thread as much as I do. Gem after gem. "The Office" could use new writers this season, you all qualify.
  3. They're both great. I wanted the "Chess Box" set for years & I just splurged on it. The Elmore James disc is just essential if you love bluesy slide guitar. Well I also picked these up yesterday: "Willie Dixon The Chess Box" - Willie Dixon "Leave Home" - The Ramones "The Downward Spiral" - Nine Inch Nails "The Eraser" - Thom Yorke The Dixon box set has some songs not on the actual Chess Box so I picked that up for those songs & the liner notes. Great stuff.
  4. A song called "Some Other Guy" that is on The Beatles BBC Sessions. I don't know the original artist but Zeppelin also covered it. That like "I Saw Her Standing There" are on th "Blueberry Hill" bootleg.
  5. Those are exactly my 2. I was so happy when I saw Page & Plant in 1995 & they performed those 2 songs, the highlight of the concert for myself. "Friends" in particular is so underrated in the Zep catalogue. I'll pick 2 more though: "Night Flight" & "Baby Come On Home". "Night Flight" is such a great song & it's a bit bizarre for them & "Baby Come On Home" I love, Plant is just great on that. I would have preferred that on the first Zeppelin album to "I Can't Quit You Baby".
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