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  1. Iggy Pop, where it really matters.
  2. I must be a sadist/terrible person/loser/whatever but I have no good reason to enjoy this thread as much as I do. Gem after gem. "The Office" could use new writers this season, you all qualify.
  3. They're both great. I wanted the "Chess Box" set for years & I just splurged on it. The Elmore James disc is just essential if you love bluesy slide guitar. Well I also picked these up yesterday: "Willie Dixon The Chess Box" - Willie Dixon "Leave Home" - The Ramones "The Downward Spiral" - Nine Inch Nails "The Eraser" - Thom Yorke The Dixon box set has some songs not on the actual Chess Box so I picked that up for those songs & the liner notes. Great stuff.
  4. A song called "Some Other Guy" that is on The Beatles BBC Sessions. I don't know the original artist but Zeppelin also covered it. That like "I Saw Her Standing There" are on th "Blueberry Hill" bootleg.
  5. Those are exactly my 2. I was so happy when I saw Page & Plant in 1995 & they performed those 2 songs, the highlight of the concert for myself. "Friends" in particular is so underrated in the Zep catalogue. I'll pick 2 more though: "Night Flight" & "Baby Come On Home". "Night Flight" is such a great song & it's a bit bizarre for them & "Baby Come On Home" I love, Plant is just great on that. I would have preferred that on the first Zeppelin album to "I Can't Quit You Baby".
  6. "Ramble On". Stupid, stupid subject matter. A frickin' song about Hobbits, really. In the 80's did Robert write about Smurfs? It would be the same thing.
  7. I definately don't think Albini was the right guy for job, even though I liked his work with PJ Harvey & The Pixies. It worked for those two bands but with Nirvana & Page&Plant his techniques stifled those records. Sometimes it's just not a good mix no matter the amount of talent involved between parties. "Please Read The Letter" is a perfect example. It's a nice song & it worked much better when Plant re-did it with Krauss. The songwriting stands. But I do think the album is uneven. I would have preferred if they continued with more of the Eastern vibe of "Unledded". The songs they performed in concert sounded much better live than in the studio, I particularly liked the title track live. I think I would have liked the album more if it had a bit more variation. Not a bad effort but I believe everyone was expecting a bit more but it's also unfair to compare it to Zeppelin. I'd much rather hear "Crackback" from JPJ's "Scream From Help" which Page co-wrote & played on. That's the best original composition by 2 former Zep members collaborating together. Page stood by the wrong guy in the 90's in my opinion.
  8. I haven't seen him perform outside of television but would love to. I have both those albums & they're great too. Last one I got was "Rufus Rufus Rufus does Judy Judy Judy" which is great, even for the over the top campiness of it he sings those songs so beautifully. I think he has the best male voice in music today.
  9. Great song too. "The Andrea True Connection" I believe? I like her singing better than her porn, which I'm not sure which be considered more insulting to her. Anyway, great song.
  10. Wow. Those would be great shows regardless if they were reunions. Myself? Page & Plant don't really count so... erm, The Buzzcocks in the 90's. Great show though ! In my top 3 shows of all time. Wait, The Pixies in 2005 but I saw them in 1991 anyway.
  11. They're just good songs. Toe tappers, some might say. Shakira was on SNL tonight. Her new songs were pretty good, her body was better though.
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