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  1. They're both great. I wanted the "Chess Box" set for years & I just splurged on it. The Elmore James disc is just essential if you love bluesy slide guitar. Well I also picked these up yesterday: "Willie Dixon The Chess Box" - Willie Dixon "Leave Home" - The Ramones "The Downward Spiral" - Nine Inch Nails "The Eraser" - Thom Yorke The Dixon box set has some songs not on the actual Chess Box so I picked that up for those songs & the liner notes. Great stuff.
  2. I definately don't think Albini was the right guy for job, even though I liked his work with PJ Harvey & The Pixies. It worked for those two bands but with Nirvana & Page&Plant his techniques stifled those records. Sometimes it's just not a good mix no matter the amount of talent involved between parties. "Please Read The Letter" is a perfect example. It's a nice song & it worked much better when Plant re-did it with Krauss. The songwriting stands. But I do think the album is uneven. I would have preferred if they continued with more of the Eastern vibe of "Unledded". The songs they performed in concert sounded much better live than in the studio, I particularly liked the title track live. I think I would have liked the album more if it had a bit more variation. Not a bad effort but I believe everyone was expecting a bit more but it's also unfair to compare it to Zeppelin. I'd much rather hear "Crackback" from JPJ's "Scream From Help" which Page co-wrote & played on. That's the best original composition by 2 former Zep members collaborating together. Page stood by the wrong guy in the 90's in my opinion.
  3. "Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)" - The Swingin' Medallions
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