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  1. Led_Zeppelin

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Dexter Gordon - Cheese Cake
  2. Led_Zeppelin

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Led_Zeppelin

    Thank you so much guys this is so cute
  3. Led_Zeppelin

    list your top guitarist's

    Jimmy Page Jeff Beck Eric Clapton Scott Henderson Mike Stern Grant Green Ritchie Blackmore
  4. Led_Zeppelin


    NO WAY! Guys you can think that i am behind the times but i hate that silly game and i never would love to hear Led Zeppelin let them to use one of their songs for game. That game is just an imaginary waste of time!!! What is player's benefit? I really don't get it, I adduce playing real instruments are more cheery and totally real.
  5. Led_Zeppelin

    Bon Jovi Better than Led Zeppelin?! QWAh?!

    I'm sure people who voted for Bon Jovi doesn't have an idea about Led Zeppelin's music and what a big legend they are...It's just funny.
  6. Led_Zeppelin

    What are your favourite performances?

    I love all of band members' Achilles Last Stand performance at Knebworth concert, 1979
  7. Led_Zeppelin

    Led Zeppelin fan age

    I'm 18, and I guess listening to Led Zeppelin for 3 years.
  8. Led_Zeppelin

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
  9. Led_Zeppelin

    Let's play Atlas!

  10. Led_Zeppelin

    Where Are You?

    haha, i can understand you, i guess i'm the only one from my country too
  11. Led_Zeppelin

    New Album with Plant,Jones,Page,Bonham

    Totally agree... There is nothing more to say. That Led Zeppelin magic would fly away without Bonzo, with new songs.
  12. Led_Zeppelin

    Metallica and Led Zeppelin

    This is an awful idea. If i were you, I'd think first...LED ZEPPELIN and Metallica...First of all you need to compare this 2 bands as musical I guess. Well, I agree Metallica WAS a huge, successful band, but they are so insufficient near a legend like Led Zeppelin. That would be so ridiculous. I'd say, "damn, that could be awsome, what an idea" if this topic was something like; Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Ronnie James Dio or maybe Led Zeppelin and Jeff Beck-Eric Clapton...I hope I could tell what i wanted to say..
  13. Led_Zeppelin

    Unseen Led Zeppelin Pictures

    Thanks for post. These pictures looks so candid...
  14. Led_Zeppelin

    What album would you choose

    That would be Led Zeppelin I or Presence.
  15. Led_Zeppelin

    The Birthday Thread

    9th of February, 1989