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  1. Led_Zeppelin

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Dexter Gordon - Cheese Cake
  2. Led_Zeppelin

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Led_Zeppelin

    Thank you so much guys this is so cute
  3. Led_Zeppelin

    list your top guitarist's

    Jimmy Page Jeff Beck Eric Clapton Scott Henderson Mike Stern Grant Green Ritchie Blackmore
  4. Led_Zeppelin


    NO WAY! Guys you can think that i am behind the times but i hate that silly game and i never would love to hear Led Zeppelin let them to use one of their songs for game. That game is just an imaginary waste of time!!! What is player's benefit? I really don't get it, I adduce playing real instruments are more cheery and totally real.
  5. Led_Zeppelin

    Bon Jovi Better than Led Zeppelin?! QWAh?!

    I'm sure people who voted for Bon Jovi doesn't have an idea about Led Zeppelin's music and what a big legend they are...It's just funny.
  6. Led_Zeppelin

    What are your favourite performances?

    I love all of band members' Achilles Last Stand performance at Knebworth concert, 1979
  7. Led_Zeppelin

    Led Zeppelin fan age

    I'm 18, and I guess listening to Led Zeppelin for 3 years.
  8. Led_Zeppelin

    What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane
  9. Led_Zeppelin

    Let's play Atlas!

  10. Led_Zeppelin

    Where Are You?

    haha, i can understand you, i guess i'm the only one from my country too
  11. Led_Zeppelin

    New Album with Plant,Jones,Page,Bonham

    Totally agree... There is nothing more to say. That Led Zeppelin magic would fly away without Bonzo, with new songs.
  12. Led_Zeppelin

    Metallica and Led Zeppelin

    This is an awful idea. If i were you, I'd think first...LED ZEPPELIN and Metallica...First of all you need to compare this 2 bands as musical I guess. Well, I agree Metallica WAS a huge, successful band, but they are so insufficient near a legend like Led Zeppelin. That would be so ridiculous. I'd say, "damn, that could be awsome, what an idea" if this topic was something like; Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Ronnie James Dio or maybe Led Zeppelin and Jeff Beck-Eric Clapton...I hope I could tell what i wanted to say..
  13. Led_Zeppelin

    Unseen Led Zeppelin Pictures

    Thanks for post. These pictures looks so candid...
  14. Led_Zeppelin

    What album would you choose

    That would be Led Zeppelin I or Presence.
  15. Led_Zeppelin

    The Birthday Thread

    9th of February, 1989
  16. Led_Zeppelin

    Whats the Weather like in your part of the world ?

    it' sunny but very cold in Istanbul, about 6°C i guess.
  17. Led_Zeppelin

    Who has aged well?

    I tried to find some photos after i read your post, that's interesting yeah, it's so hard to find Jimmy's old photos while he was smiling with teeth
  18. Led_Zeppelin

    Am I missing something?

    If you're using that way, it's gotta be hard for you! 1,212 posts
  19. Led_Zeppelin

    Thought: Led Zeppelin to tour with Robert and Alison?

    I guess Plant, Page and JPJ would just laugh when they see this topic
  20. Led_Zeppelin


    I'm sure they doesn't have problems with fans, and i know Plant has a really good communication with fans during his performances (not just Led Zeppelin concerts, The Strange Sensation, etc.). But can you imagine what would be if he had been tried to please whole fans who wants to meet him for almost 40 years?
  21. Led_Zeppelin

    Rank Your Top 10 LZ Songs

    It is so hard to make a top 10 list from all that great Led Zeppelin songs, but i decided finally... 1 - Achilles Last Stand (this is the best ROCK song ever i think) 2 - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 3 - No Quarter 4 - Stairway To Heaven 5 - Whole Lotta Love 6 - Since I've Been Loving You 7 - Dazed And Confused 8 - Black Dog 9 - Moby Dick 10 - Kashmir
  22. Led_Zeppelin

    What Are You Reading?

    Jack Kerouac - The Dharma Bums
  23. Led_Zeppelin

    Let's play Atlas!

  24. Led_Zeppelin

    What's your sign, man?

    I'm an Aquarius with, Aries rising.
  25. Led_Zeppelin

    Let's play Atlas!