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  1. i don't think so, i guess they wouldn't rather to go on with an another guy. Led Zeppelin was a great quarter, it's..kind of magical :) and i think still they are...if they were decide to find someone else, the magic would disappear!

  2. Well....In the seventies there was alot of that small time smuggling going on amongst young travelers abroad. The movie was very popular and a horror but didn't really deter the smuggling.

    You know of course I just mentioned that because you're from Turkey, I found the movie entertaining....Smoke it all up before you head out on a plane is my motto....

    Oh, of course i know you just mentioned it because i'm from Turkey, there is no problem for me and i guess we can ramble this thing :)

  3. Pardon me....I have dyslexia and 'read' the old world city name....

    Did you ever see the movie 'Midnight Express' ?.....

    Well, no problem :) I know that movie, I'm not a racist or a nationalist and i think it's so inessential..I don't know, it wasn't agreeable :)

  4. You're the 5639th member here and you name is Led Zeppelin !!

    Welcome ! I can't believe no one had taken that.

    Constantinople ehh ?

    Yeah i can't believe too...And, i prefer Istanbul, not Constantinople :)

    Nice to meet you Led Zeppelin. I hope you becom the Next Ian Anderson

    A Co worker of mine just flew back to Istanbul for the holidays. I'll let her know there are people in her hometown who no who Zeppelin is the next time she asks me about my Zep T- shirt.

    welcome to the Board

    Oh, I love Ian Anderson's style, so hard to play like him :) And thank you for your greetings...

  5. I can use both of my hands, for a couple years, except writing. (Because i stopped writing with my left hand :angry: )

    I have synaesthesia.

    I wish i could born again, at 50's and live my youthfulness at 70s :D

    I can't live without music, and playing flute.

    I love draw caricatures.

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