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  1. Don't know if anyone else has noticed this - but www.efestivals.co.uk has removed Led Zeppelin from their list of bands rumoured to be playing at Glastonbury this year. Yes i know it's just all rumours just now.....but i thought it was worth posting anyway as Efestivals.co.uk is a huge portal site for uk festivals, and has always been really good with their rumours/news section (last year they correctly predicted in advance over 95% of the bands at Glastonbury from almost 2000 final acts that appeared) Bands that are listed as a rumour are usualy removed if efestivals believe they will n
  2. It's working You were right - i downloaded a DVD decoder plug-in for windows vista and it now works fine. I am now happily watching White Summer - it may not be the full thing compared to the 2003 2 DVD set, but it's still excellent value for people like me who only have the one DVD (TSRTS) and dont have a collection......really glad i bought this now.
  3. Nice post robert I especialy liked the above quote - i have listened to the music of LZ since i was very young, but know almost nothing about the band members or their history really - i just switch on the music and listen, so this kinda thing is really interesting to me.
  4. It runs for around 2 hours and has 20 songs - all taken live from different concerts. It's actually very good for a bonus DVD and has dazed and confused/stairway/kashmir/whole lotta love/misty mountain/black dog etc
  5. Can i ask what software is being used to play it ? Maybe it's just my bad luck to get a bad disk though
  6. Yep i think you are right there - mentaly it must be a difficult thing. To take the place in the band that your own father had before he died, to play his music and be compared to him when you perform...it has to bring back emotions and memories. Right now i am watching TSRTS and have just finished watching Moby Dick, and during it there is a clip of john at home sitting next to a small boy who is playing the drums - the same boy who is now being asked to take his place in the band.
  7. It plays fine on my TV with the DVD player - but on the PC i have tried windows vista media/cyberlink powerdvd/powercinema/AVS player but no success Also my PC does play other DVD's just fine - am sitting watching the song remains the same just now.
  8. I dont have that one - wish i did as they are a very good tribute band and i do like them a lot. I have their US import CD called Great Zeppelin: a tribute to Led Zeppelin. It's a live concert and good quality - the vocals are superb and for fans of live concerts i would recommend this one as well.
  9. I think it's good - really good. TSRTS is and allways will be my very fav, and it's because of the fantasy sequences as well as the music. What you are getting is a led zepp experience, not just a concert, but an experience that you can't get from an ordinary concert.. That's what makes it stand out - the family scenes/fantasy clips were unique.
  10. Sorry if this has already been posted - i did search but could find no other topics about this. Is there anyway to get the bonus DVD disc from Mothership to play on my PC ? I have tried but it wont play on my PC, only my TV player, and was wondering if this is normal and if other members have any tips on how to get it to play through a computer. I am not very good with computers - for me it's just an expensive toy that my daughter plays games on so I dont know if this is usual for this to happen, but i expected to be able to play it like an ordinary DVD that i could watch on the comp
  11. I dont think he can't (and puting aside any personal problems he has had) it's probably more a case of " why should i " Your probably right though in that many many musicians nowadays dont want to push boundaries. A lot of musicians just like to play their music out of love of the instrument, or love or performing and are not interested in anything else.
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