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  1. ^ Thanks Spacewoman & aen27 - I know you had seen the pics before from the other thread. I'm so glad you enjoyed them! More Jimmy...
  2. Thanks Ev for starting this thread More scans...
  3. Just some scans from my old Zeppelin scrapbook...
  4. Wow, I've missed a lot in the past couple of weeks! A couple of pictures I took of Jimmy from TSRTS premiere - enjoy (for those who have not seen)
  5. No problem at all. And I would not suggest reading through it if you are at all any type of Michael Jackson fan. You will come out of it very disheartened. And along with Michael Jackson, I am also very sad about the loss of Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett. May they all rest in peace, and my thoughts and prayers go out to their families, friends and fans.
  6. 'Aen27' I just wanted you to know that my post above is not meant towards you. The posters on the other thread about Michael Jackson that are so inconsiderate is who I am talking about (and I'm sure they will all know who they are)
  7. Yes I most definitely agree. I have to say that it just sickens me there are people on this site stooping so low in a time of such a tragedy.
  8. Yes more, more and more Jimmy...
  9. Hi 'JAL' - I have the picture but it's a lot smaller. I posted a few others I had as well.
  10. Wow thanks 'aen27' - this picture of Jimmy is so incredibly sexy!! I just love when his legs are spread apart like that!!
  11. 'JAL' I loved reading all of your poems - thanks so much for posting them! I had written a few stories about Pagey back when I was 16 (which was many moons ago I can assure you ), and when I uncovered them recently, I really enjoy reading them all these years later.
  12. Minah - some Jimmy love to help make you feel better one of my personal favorites I hope this helps!
  13. Ohhh Spacewoman you are making my heart melt with these!! This is the Jimmy that I fell in love with all those years ago!
  14. Cat, thanks for the link, there are some great pictures there! Steve thanks for all the information - I just can't wait for the show!!!
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