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  1. I got to sit on the bike at the winner's house. very nice. he complained about the winning price of course. hahah. cool bike
  2. Hey shinedaddy 

    You still about

    1. Jeff Hammers

      Jeff Hammers

      I am curious as to what you can tell me about this. I saw you connected to another post about it. I have had posters made in the past and can say that in order to produce the original artwork, color seps, etc. and printing of a mininum (this being at least 15 years old) would have been some expense. I wonder who made it when and for what purpose. It has the UDO Artists Inc. 72 that would be on the real deal. It only advertises one night while there were consecutive nights shows. I am sending a hard copy to them by mail to see what they know if anything. thanks, Jeff


  3. I can tell you without any doubt this is a $1 cheap knockoff and the poster for this NEVER EVEN EXISTED...total fan made bullshit!
  4. I have it on pretty good authority that Swan Song WILL NOT be included on Coda. Make of that what you will........
  5. what do you consider your top 5 rarest magazines pre 1980? would love to see a pic of those together!
  6. Steve, would you happen to know which posters he had?
  7. yeah, I procrastinated way too long and am now paying the price. will pay $300 for 2 tix...which is over twice the face value. let me know. I am in LA now...thanks shinedaddy@yahoo.com
  8. 1 In the Evening 2. Ozone Baby 3. Southbound Suarez 4. All My Love 1. Carouselambra 2. Fool in the Rain 3. Darlene
  9. I too have always been VERY interested in this footage. Its mentioned other place but gets ZERO attention nowadays...... also there is a poster for the Salt Lake City show, very nice one too, so there is that as far as documentation goes
  10. Hey all I had originally put this up before but I cant find the thread to bump it. Anyways, I am a LONG-time Zeppelin poster collector always looking for more ORIGINAL concert posters. I am willing to pay BIG money for the right pieces. Some of the ones I want would include Seattle 1970, Manchester UK 3/19/71, Locarno 12/9/71, Hollywood FL 9/1/71, Tucson 6/28/72. among others. Will pay very well depending on condition but ANY condition is acceptable. PLEASE email me at shinedaddy@yahoo.com if you have one or know where one is......any date is potentially interesting. THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!
  11. Maybe they did send out a press release, but that seems unlikely. They advertised on their website for sure, but thats usually as far as it goes for an auction house. Bonhams, Christies et al usually dont hire someone for small time items like this. Now if the Mona Lisa was going up for bid, it might be different. Regardless, doesnt change the point of my post...people still want to be "FIRST" to post news when they could just be quiet abotu ti and let it come to pass
  12. If everyone would have just kept their mouths shut, someone could have bought them and got the out there. But everybody has to be so fucking self-important and post "news" so they can see their fucking screen name on the internet or get some faint priase for breaking a story. People feel they HAVE TO FUCKING OPEN THEIR MOUTHS!!! I swear to god, 99% of people in America just dont know when to shut up, even for their own good. This is not directed at this board per se, but in general, although this thread didnt help. I dont know how Page found out but these threads go viral, then RS gets it, and before you know it theyre gone. Good fucking job. The Albert Hall 1970 reels were once for sale. I tried to buy them, and you certainly didnt see me start a thread about it saying HEY LOOK OVER HERE AND READ MY THREAD ABOUT THIS!! I wish everyone could follow this advice, but obviously getting the "news" out there is fucking paramount, right? I guess it was more important to talk about these reels than ACTUALLY FUCKING HAVE ANY CHANCE TO HEAR THEM! I got $100k sitting in my greasy fucking hand and I wanted to get these tapes.....now I got ZERO shot. cool, thanks, good job I am not placing blame on anyone in particular, just the stupid fucking way most people bumble about their so called pathetic lives. Oh well. Its not like Pages cruises obscure auction houses looking for tapes on a weekly basis. he would have never known
  13. ok thanks for clearing that up. Seems like there is very little point to this book. Of course thats ok because a lot of books have no real point. It would have been interesting to have a virtually complete record of every magazine feature from 1968-1980 but a book of just the magazine covers is really kind of worthless......we can allsee the covers by searching this site or ebay closed auctions or other sources, and the covers themselbves are only interesting to a point. dont get me wrong, I used to collect magazines with them on the cover 1968-1973 only and I have a few left that I dont even see in your archive so I LIKE MAGAZINES.....but the idea of just looking at a book of pictures of their covers strikes me as a non-starter. What was your reasoning in thinking this was needed?? I know you love books and magazines and thats your passion and you probably wanted to share it but this is really pointless. I know ohters will say there have been books like this before on the 45's etc but the difference is that at the time of soem of those other books, you couldnt reference the material in a lto fo other ways. a HUGE percent of these mag covers are already out there and can be seen right now, so hwo often will one look at the book? I am all for Zep books etc but I just thinkl this particluar one is pointless. Now, do it again with reprints of the INSIDE of the magazines too and we have a deal.......however I am sure the book will look good. I do find the covers interesteing but not again adn again and again....... I collect concert posters myself and its a passion so I am not knocking your dedication...but as much as I love what I love, I realize 99.99999% of the rest of the world could care less and I wouldnt write a book about it for sure. I think you and your passion fall into this category too but you made the book anyway....... AT THE LEAST, the covers should have been cleaned up digitally....like folds on your copies could have been cleaned up, any writing on the covers should have been removed etc to preserve the ACTUAL covers as they were and not just a picture of YOUR copy of the magazine....you could have and should have shown the perfect realization of these magazines if you understand my meaning
  14. so again I ask, what exactly does this book contain. pictures of magazine covers? or the entire Zep content of each magazine...or what?io
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