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  1. I got to sit on the bike at the winner's house. very nice. he complained about the winning price of course. hahah. cool bike
  2. Hey shinedaddy 

    You still about

    1. Jeff Hammers

      Jeff Hammers

      I am curious as to what you can tell me about this. I saw you connected to another post about it. I have had posters made in the past and can say that in order to produce the original artwork, color seps, etc. and printing of a mininum (this being at least 15 years old) would have been some expense. I wonder who made it when and for what purpose. It has the UDO Artists Inc. 72 that would be on the real deal. It only advertises one night while there were consecutive nights shows. I am sending a hard copy to them by mail to see what they know if anything. thanks, Jeff


  3. for some reason the pic wont show up but its on page 36 with Page in the car holding the papers...the other guy is Tommy Bolin.
  4. the other guy is clearly Tommy Bolin
  5. please do. I collect concert posters from 1968-1973, Zep only. have a lot of them!!!!!!
  6. I collect Led Zeppelin concert posters. I have for a very long time. I have paid a lot of money in the past and they keep getting more expensive. At this point, I am only able to add 1 poster every 3 or 4 years because I have had them all already or still do. Least I ever paid I think was $200 and most was $9500...a big variable. By the way, I am always willing to spend to get something I need so if anyone out there has any concert posters that advertise the shows, with ticket information, venue, dates etc I am VERY interested. I will happily pay $5000 for a piece I need.
  7. JPJ's dad died in 8/70. A few shows were rescheduled or cancelled due to this. Dave Lewis' The Concert File backs this up.
  8. the review actually states nothing about the "master tapes" being used, only that they took the release into the studio and cleaned it up. Sounds like they took Flying Circus itself into a studio and re-EQ'ed it for best effect, nothing more. Show me where ti states the masters were found and used............
  9. there is a video if the James Gang on German TV in 1971 here he is clearly using a Les Paul. Widely available, I have it, or search youtube.I was under the impression Joe gave Jimmy the guitar in 1975!! I would have bet on it, so where is the documentation he gave it up in 1969? Not disbelieving, just curious.
  10. Cruz Montoya...that is a name I have not seen in a LOOOONG time. Met him at a record convention by accident and he set me off on collecting everything memorabilia!!! He asked me to come over and catalog his collection, and I did and it was something like 29 pages. He had THOUSANDS of things, some totally rare and cool. This would have been 1989 or so. I started getting very rare pieces soon after but after amassing a large one like Cruz's collection, I sold or traded it all off to concentrate on only concert posters. You cant do it all and do it all well, and concert posters are expensive. Cruz told me about how they would sometimes use his pics on bootleg LP's in the 1970's. He also attended the LA Blueberry Hill show and he told me that when they were there, before a note was played, the excitement was high. Nobody knew what to expect and of course no one had heard Zep III at that time. He said when they came on and EXPLODED with Immigrant Song the crowd was just fucking floored, totally. They could not believe how heavy it was. I liken it to the scene in The Lord of the Rings movies where Sauron gets killed or whatever and the entire army is literally flattened by a sonic/evil boom.......JUST AWESOME. He said the concert was truly unreal to have seen. I believe him.
  11. There are so many concert posters out there that are unique, only one copy existing, that it would be impossible to have a comprehensive collection. I own or have owned several such pieces. There is nothing more rare than a one of one, plus these things sell upwards of $8k sometimes. I have a shortlist of 2 or 3 posters yet to get that I think are my holy grails as far as collecting Zeppelin, but most of the ones I want I have. I am lucky in that respect but I want those last few!!!
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