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    French Cinema, Films (real & earthy or fantasy); perfumes; writing; Reminiscing; acoustic notes; eloquent speech;

    FAV rock bands: LedZep, PinkFloyd/Waters,Dire Straits,SuperTramp,AC/DC,Queen
    60s-70s: Hendrix, Who, Cream, Blue Cheer, JethroTull,Uriah Heap, Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Sabbath,Deep Purple,Bad Co, Scorps, Whitesnake, Rare Earth, America, Eagles, Marshal TB, Humble Pie
    80s: IronMaiden,VH,Rainbow,Scorps,JudPriest,Accept,Def Lep, U2, QR, Krokus, Motley C, Zebra, Police, Triumph, Cinderella, Dio, G&R
    90s--present: DaveMathBand, Pearl Jam, AudioSlave, White Stripes

    Other Genres: Jazz, folk and Classical
  1. I would entitle it: 'A Battle of Sticks' or, 'Four Sticks' or, 'Fourth Stick'
  2. How about 'A Chemystrey of Four' or written as 'A Chemystry of Four'
  3. Page, Plant & co. were considering names like The New Yardbirds, Whopee Cushions and Mad Dogs before the name Led Zeppelin was chosen. I feel that LZ is an appropriate name which conveys strength, aplomb and grace. What would you have called this band?
  4. David is one pleasant, graceful & good looking guy
  5. Not an easy one.... Br-Y-Aur In the light Tangerine Your time is gonna come I wanna crawl...... & many more
  6. I am sure that Led Zeppelin members listened to contemporary music in their leisure which included the bands & artists from the 60s-to-the present. Can anyone name any talent that was appreciated by LZ? I can only think of Elvis, Sex Pistols & John Denver.
  7. Perhaps it is the worst effort/collabration done by any member of the group. I couldn't even believe that Page & Plant could create such awful tunes!
  8. Led Zeppelin is indeed a Kohinoor among the gems of classic rock. Bands endeavour to create albums which sound different than each other wheras Zeppelin managed to create melodies in a single album sounding poles apart! This is the distinguishing foundation. Every song in itself is a new tale, an experience and an arrangement. Next is the equation & chemistry among the band members. Not far behind is the individual talent of each member: Page & Plant: spectrum of notes, Infusion of influences: Blues, blue grass, middle eastern and Asia sub- contoinent classical music Jon
  9. Thanks for reading my story. Yes, I still recall the enchanting incident infrequently.

    Enjoy re-discovering the mighty Zep!

  10. Love the autograph story! Stop by and say Hi sometime kHaN!



  11. u may want to cleanup ur inbox a bit

  12. ur inbox is full!

  13. Thanks. I think if you were there you would have approached him. Under such circumstances, you would lose all sense & sensibility and the only thought in your mind would be to make him hear you
  14. PlantPage, you are so right! Two souls bound together, dancing their way through life..... even JP's autograph is a piece of art! Thanks for introducing this dimension
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