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  1. I would entitle it: 'A Battle of Sticks' or, 'Four Sticks' or, 'Fourth Stick'
  2. How about 'A Chemystrey of Four' or written as 'A Chemystry of Four'
  3. Page, Plant & co. were considering names like The New Yardbirds, Whopee Cushions and Mad Dogs before the name Led Zeppelin was chosen. I feel that LZ is an appropriate name which conveys strength, aplomb and grace. What would you have called this band?
  4. David is one pleasant, graceful & good looking guy
  5. Not an easy one.... Br-Y-Aur In the light Tangerine Your time is gonna come I wanna crawl...... & many more
  6. I am sure that Led Zeppelin members listened to contemporary music in their leisure which included the bands & artists from the 60s-to-the present. Can anyone name any talent that was appreciated by LZ? I can only think of Elvis, Sex Pistols & John Denver.
  7. Perhaps it is the worst effort/collabration done by any member of the group. I couldn't even believe that Page & Plant could create such awful tunes!
  8. Led Zeppelin is indeed a Kohinoor among the gems of classic rock. Bands endeavour to create albums which sound different than each other wheras Zeppelin managed to create melodies in a single album sounding poles apart! This is the distinguishing foundation. Every song in itself is a new tale, an experience and an arrangement. Next is the equation & chemistry among the band members. Not far behind is the individual talent of each member: Page & Plant: spectrum of notes, Infusion of influences: Blues, blue grass, middle eastern and Asia sub- contoinent classical music Jones: Art of playing various instruments and creating a colourful rythm section Bonham: The power, the might, the speed, the finesse: The Sound of Zeppelin was born
  9. Thanks for reading my story. Yes, I still recall the enchanting incident infrequently.

    Enjoy re-discovering the mighty Zep!

  10. u may want to cleanup ur inbox a bit

  11. ur inbox is full!

  12. Thanks. I think if you were there you would have approached him. Under such circumstances, you would lose all sense & sensibility and the only thought in your mind would be to make him hear you
  13. PlantPage, you are so right! Two souls bound together, dancing their way through life..... even JP's autograph is a piece of art! Thanks for introducing this dimension
  14. Funny thing is that one of my colleague (the only one educated when it comes to music! ) went after me to ask for an autograph. He came back wihtout one. JP said that he was having coffee, and excused himself.
  15. His companions were having some deep discussions earlier. They were 2 men and a woman. I odn't know if they were striking a business/recording/production deal with JP. Or maybe they are one of those who have zero tolerance for phrases like 'excuse me' . Actually I only noticed one person when I was there at the table. I didn't even feel the existence of the other two TO be honest, I could have struck a conversation. I am kind of shy not very demanding type so, I settled for just an autograph. Although till today, I imagine what would I have said.... and have come up with loads of interesting lines. JP was cool and pleasant. Maybe he was ready for more..... but, I didn't make any attempt Maybe next time!
  16. I have changed my avatar. Didn't know of any other way to append the scanned autograph
  17. Thanks you for the best wishes. And everyone else here! You all make htis moment extra special and sharing this here, has certainly enhanced the joy of this memorable encounter! A colleague was carrying a notebook an dI used that. Else, I would have asked the staff to give me something
  18. I said, Mr Page could I have your autograph please. People with him were not very happy. JP was a bit startled but then, he felt relaxed. He saw the page in front of him read: Jimmy Page (The Legend) under which he was supposed to sign. He was very soft spoken and asked me my name and how to spell it. I regret not atempting at a longer conversation but, I was quite nervous at that time!
  19. Amazonic, yes good luck! Try hanging around Automat during dinner time That autograph looks a bit different than mine. I guess he was much younger then
  20. Thanks. I actually hung outside for 20 minutes to ambush him when he would step outside. But, he didn't finish ..... so I went in when he was waiting for the seocnd round of coffee....
  21. Wow! A menu, thanks! I think he had the Automat burger, I was watching/monitoring quite closely Wonder if he frequents this restaurant or its his one of the favourite places to eat!
  22. I was in Europe/London for a couple of days. It was an after hours business-dinner. London downtown, Soho square.I walked into the AutoMat restaurant and noticed a guy in white hair, sitting/hiding at a corner table with a couple of more people. He resembled Jimmy Page. I made another entrance to check him out.Yes, it was the man himself! I just couldn't belive it and I felt nervous & happy, both. I waited for him to finish his dinner and kept checking on him like an undercover agent. Then, I approached him after 30 minutes of spying and met him and got his autograph! I was with a group of people moslty Brits and surprisingly only one of the mknow of Led Zep! I asked them to what have they been listneing to all their lives! It was a memorable moment on the eve of my birthday. Sadly, I can't append the image of the autograph
  23. Robert Plant released a new wave / POP album Shaken n Stirred which, I couldn't digest in the 80s. But now I enjoy it quite alot... even the song Too Loud! Little By Little Sixes & Sevens Big Log 29 Palms Ship of fools In the mood Are among my top RP cool/easy listening numbers. I am surely missin many others I think.....
  24. Battle of Evermore When The Levee Breaks Black Dog Rock n Roll Stairway Goin California Question: Apparently the Levee & Evermore are a fav of so many folks here.... wonder why it never made it to the remasters or acclaimed as a classic Zep song like Whole lotta, Kashmir, etc....
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