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  1. Perhaps it is the worst effort/collabration done by any member of the group. I couldn't even believe that Page & Plant could create such awful tunes!
  2. Thanks for reading my story. Yes, I still recall the enchanting incident infrequently.

    Enjoy re-discovering the mighty Zep!

  3. u may want to cleanup ur inbox a bit

  4. ur inbox is full!

  5. Robert Plant released a new wave / POP album Shaken n Stirred which, I couldn't digest in the 80s. But now I enjoy it quite alot... even the song Too Loud! Little By Little Sixes & Sevens Big Log 29 Palms Ship of fools In the mood Are among my top RP cool/easy listening numbers. I am surely missin many others I think.....
  6. thnkks for the honour !

  7. i smell armani code black ......

  8. FAV Rock vocalists: (for pitch delivery , arrangement complexity, pitch vairations) Plant Freddie Mercury Ian Gillan Brian Johnson (no one can scream melodiously at such high pitch) Rob Hallford Eddie Vader Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (though not in rock category) Singer of the band Cinderella Janis Joplin Original vocalist of Uriah Heap Rod Stewart Steven Tyler Chris Cornell Axel Rose WORST: Most of the vocalists from post 1996 era!
  9. The Firm was definitley a great effort. Radioactive was well done in particular with songs like Money can buy, satisfaction guaranteed and the star song Moonlight Lady, which contends with Stairway to Heaven, has amazing guitar/drums/vocal sequence. At least much better than Page Plant records!!
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