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  1. Yer Welcome!! Actually, I'm Tom!! But "PoorTom" was already taken as a screen name, so I went with the name from Bonzo's pre-Moby Dick solo "Pat's Delight". TC in the LBC
  2. One of the cool things about living in Los Angeles is the annual NAMM show. It's a trade show where all of the big musical instrument companies show off their new products. Everyone in the music industry goes to this each January in LA and each July in Nashville. Evey major drum manufactrure has they're endorsers come out to meet the public. This year Ludwig had Jason Bonham at the booth, taking pictures and signing autographs (along with Alan White of YES). I was able to have a short conversation with Jason as he singed my copy of Modern Drummer magazine and mugged for a photo. He was very friendly and talkative. He's actually not a very big guy; he probably only stands 5'6" or so. Here is what I remember of our conversation: ME: Is an honor to meet you (shaking hands). I thought you played great at the O2 show. Jason: Thanks!! ME: Have you seen the discussion board on the ledzeppelin.com site?? Jason: (Sounding puzzled) Uh, no. ME: Well, there is a big discussion there on the topic of who messed up during "Dazed ..'" Jason: IT WAS JIMMY!!!!!! He went into the "DaDaDa" bit early!! ME: I stuck up for you on the board. Jason: It's like John Paul Jones says "Jimmy is the leader". So I always follow him. I'm usually the leader of the band, so I'm used to them following me. But Jimmy is always right!! (I thought this was especially funny because in my band we always say "Rick always wins" referring to our band-leading guitar player. So I guess its the same with Rock Legends too!!) ME: So, Jimmy always wins?? Jason: That's right. ------------------------------------------------------- At this point, the security dude made me move along because there was a long line behind me. I did manage to get my picture taken with him and got a signed press photo of him and his Yellow Vista lites! As I left, I noticed that my knees were knocking a little bit and I was feeling a light headed sensation. Strange, I've met lots of rock stars, but never a Led Zeppelin member. I wasn't ever that bothered when I my my biggest drumming idol, Carl Palmer. They are all just people after all, but having Jason drop JPJ's name in conversation as if he were just talking to him in the other room was a bit a of a shock!! Anyway, this should clear up the 'who screwed up Dazed" debate!! TC in LBC
  3. In LA, the Staples Center would be hard to get for two or three weeks straight because of the Lakers, Clippers and Kings use it from Oct. to June. Maybe they could do all of July. The Forum has become a Church, but is sometimes used for gigs. The Red Hot Chili Peppers still play there. I could imagine Zep there for an extended stay. Plus Staples has bad, bad acoustics. As far as what cities, they should do the best arena in a major city in each region of the country. In the US, you could work it so that anyone could get to the gig with an 8hr drive or a short flight. NY for the north east: Atlanta for the South: Los Angeles for the West Coast: Chicago for the mid west: Dallas for the Mid- Southern-west. Would you be willing to fly from Seattle or Portland to LA if you could see Zeppelin!! Sounds like a excuse for a road trip to me!! TC in LBC
  4. If Zep were to tour, do you all think it would better if: A)They did a year of one nighters or If they play in one city at at time for an extended period. Think about it. They could do 2 weeks in London, New York, LA or Paris. People from surrounding areas would have a better chance of getting a tickets if there were 12 shows rather than just one, and the band wouldn't have to live with the rigors of travel. They could play around with the set list, staging, lighting, whatever. Plus, they could leave a gap of time between cities. Maybe they do LA in June, Paris in December. This way, Robert could still tend to his other projects, Jason could still work with Foreigner, etc. I think they would play better in that scenario rather than seeing them struggle through a long tour. Just a thought . . . tc
  5. I knew that those drums had been auctioned off in the mid-seventies. The event is described in the book "John Bonham: A thunder of Drums". It's cool to see a kit that we all recognize just sittin' in someones living room. Did MR. Townsend have any other famous gear?? When Page and Plant played LA in 1995, they had this rolling museum in the parking lot with a drum set that they said was Bonzo's. They were Amber Vistas, but I seem to remember thinking that they were not the actual drums that he owned. Did Mr. Townsend still own them at that point? Thanks for clearing this one up!! tc
  6. More info at: http://www.saladrecords.com/bonhamfiles.htm Some cool stuff like mp3's of Bonham's tracks form "In Through the Outdoor" tc
  7. Actually that's not true. The only set up Bonham used a snare stand for the rack tom was with the Maple kit he used in 1969 -- the one he used in the Albert Hall concert seen on the Led Zeppelin DVD. He sometimes used both -- the bass drum mount AND the snare stand. Talk about heavy duty!! On the Vista Light set, he used the standard Ludwig tom mount. It plainly visible on the SRTS DVD. He used that mount system up until 1977 when he got the Stainless Steel kit, which used the "Y" shaped mounts. As for the cymbals, those may or may not be his, but where in any of those photos do you see the RED 2002 logo?? For a list of Bonzo's cymbal purchases, look here: http://www.vintage-drum-net.de/collection/...zoagreement.htm tc
  8. I actually like what Jimmy did to catch back up with the rest of the band. He just hit an open E and let it ring out until the next bar came around. It sounded pretty heavy and dark -- so it fit the vibe of the song. I remember reading a Bonzo quote where he mentions that if they make mistakes, it showed that they were trying something new at least. So it was worth it to them to flub sometimes because the reward of improvising and having it work was so magical. tc
  9. Coming from a drumming standpoint, it sounded to me that Page went to the transition 4 bars early. So when Bonham played the fill (a very famous drum lick that John Bonham always played the same) he was left out there on an island while Page had already started the next section. This one falls on Page. But I agree with the others who mentioned that most Zep shows had near train wrecks like this. It's what happens when a band wings it on stage, but the reward for it working is usually worth the risk. tc
  10. See the Original Amber Vistas at there current home here: http://www.griptoad.com/JBVista.html That's them alright!! tc
  11. The version they played at the 02 had some really great high points -- the introduction by Plant: Jimmy's bow solo was nice and compact with just the best, scariest bits; the solo section rocked pretty good. But my favorite part was the near train wreck at the end of the solo when Page went into the break two bars early. They got out of it in true Zeppelin style!! tc
  12. Bonzo only ever used the hi-hat tambourine during "Moby Dick". Do Jason's not having them didn't change anything. I was surprised to see that he was using Ziljian's and not Paiste 2002 Cymbals. Paiste even reissued the vintage 2002's last year, so it must have been Jason's preference. By going with smaller drums sizes and Ziljian's, it gave the songs a more modern drum sound, which was fine with me. Jason played great though!! tc
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