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  1. I just upped Sick Again from the Toronto show. So far, the only version played live by JB's band. Cheer-Z
  2. Hmmmmmmm, nice new name --- lol. Try Foobar for a google search. Easy to install, free and useful. Cheer-Z
  3. Question - We have found sources which have The Yardbirds playing July 7/8, 1967 at the Garden Auditorium in Vancouver, while another has those dates at the Kerrisdale Arena. Any proof or info ??? Thanks
  4. Just posted on Jason's Facebook page. 1985 Live Aid attire as well. Peace
  5. There's a reference about Jimmy smoking in Richard Cole's STH book that dates back to 71. Just off the top of my head, I'd have to go and find the section for a quote. Oddly there does seem to be a lack of photographic evidence on this one. Bad habit and one we hope JP is still refraining from but we do wonder about those recent pics taken by Halfin with him holding a smoke along side of Ronnie Wood. I had hoped it was a prop. Smoking is just plain wrong and too easily discarded by many as otherwise.
  6. Why can't gov't related jobs with unions just settle on the standard yearly % hike for good ?? Whatever -- 3% Is that sufficient , I think so. Today's economy is not the brightest and many are happy to just be gainfully employed. My honest overall opinion of this era's economic climate is : Learn to accept, live with less if so and be tremendously grateful for what you do have. It's still one of the greatest places to be. OH CANADA --- Cheer z
  7. Unreleased Coverdale / Page -- http://www.ijigg.com/songs/V24FBFFP0....Nevermind Sweet song.
  8. There is a video floating around in bootville from the Rochester 86 show. I happen to have been at the show and was in the front row. I can remember it like yesterday because it was March 29 and the record for the hottest day ever was achieved that night. It went from 0 degrees C up to 30 degrees C in a 24 hour period. I have never seen any clips from that show appear on Y-tube. It's a grainy video with some pretty bad sound, due to technology of that time. My copy is still in VHS form , so the digital transfer still needs completion, plus I have been looking around for something closer to 1st generation for awhile now. Still no luck there. Other then that, I have not heard of nor seen a thing. It's a shame, and I wish there was more.
  9. Photo's -- 1) Ticket stubbs on a 1985 concert T-shirt 2) Autographed Firm CD Jackets by Paul Rodgers 3) Me and Paul Rodgers
  10. All I am trying to achieve is that people should use their judgement in these moments and think rationally and not just accept people's " stories " as the real deal . Be a little decisive and remain thoughtful , before passing it on and allowing it to become a fact without evidence. Maybe it did happen, and with SAJ's additional information that puts JP in the area , it could have. Imagine just how easily this tale could be part truth , if Jimmy was in a limo, and the driver stops to see his chic-friend , possibly to score some shit, and the guy goes in, does his thing and mentions that JP is , or even was in his car. Next thing you know the story gets a little more creative when told, and people love a good gossip , then it's passed on and takes on a few new details to spice it up and wham-O , you get some spaced out story of a bumbling rock star sneaking through windows in the middle of the night. Did someone just say " National Enquirer " ??? Anyway, you did ask WHY , and that is my rebuttle and answer. Not looking to discredit anyone or ruffle feathers. I think the word discretion is appropriate here. It's a good thread , so don't let this silliness carry over and continue. Peace
  11. No offence my friend, but it's " stories " like this that get told and then retold and on and on until they get believed by some. Interesting to read, somewhat , whatever turns your crank. On a scale of believability ------- As I said, no harm meant here, but this sounds about as real as that other tale told here about JP playing an acoustic guitar on some beach in Florida , riffing off all of Zepp 1 songs and apparently going incognito. Another 4 AM nightly fairy tale. I can't sit here and say it didn't happen and won't argue the point, but felt compelled to say something about issues like this. Jimmy Page crawling through windows in the middle of the night , mumbling and not being recognized , hmmmmmmmmm. I think I will laugh now. :lol:
  12. New clip of Jimmy with Foo Fighters --- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vTAV9L0gsM
  13. New clip of Jimmy with Foo Fighters --- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vTAV9L0gsM
  14. The only way to add to the beauties on this site is to pose with one ----- Photo taken today. CheeeeerZ !!
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