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  1. I just upped Sick Again from the Toronto show. So far, the only version played live by JB's band. Cheer-Z
  2. Hmmmmmmm, nice new name --- lol. Try Foobar for a google search. Easy to install, free and useful. Cheer-Z
  3. Question - We have found sources which have The Yardbirds playing July 7/8, 1967 at the Garden Auditorium in Vancouver, while another has those dates at the Kerrisdale Arena. Any proof or info ??? Thanks
  4. Just posted on Jason's Facebook page. 1985 Live Aid attire as well. Peace
  5. Brings a teardrop to the eye. Possible JP jam with Aerosmith or Joe Perry something ?? It has been done before and we know they enjoy being together. Just saying. I hope this is televised. All in all JP getting awards and becoming more stage bound is good news. Amen
  6. That's what I call a Christmas present. Happy Holidays and Cheer-Z
  7. More from Brazil are now viewable. http://picasaweb.google.com/lulazeppeliano/JimmyPageRioDeJaneiroNovembroDe2009#
  8. I am still waiting for the full story from a friend in Brazil that just spent some time with JP during his visit to Rio De Jeneiro. It's kind of nice to see some shots that aren't out there on the internet, so here they are. And the autograph to boot !!! Nice. JP certainly looks to be in good form.
  9. We're still waiting and searching for video from last nights appearance. If anyone finds a link, share share share. Thanks.
  10. A poster on another site has claimed that they received an e-mail from the event. Still waiting for proper details. Sorry, didn't mean to sound official.
  11. JP performing in Brazil has now been shot down. He will NOT be there. Awaiting details.
  12. More news -- Jimmy Page recently became a patron of The Outside Edge Theater Company, which is the only professional theater company in the UK that provides theater and drama work with people affected by addiction. On November 25th beginning at 7:30pm The Outside Edge Theater Company will be holding their 10th year birthday celebration and fundraiser at Riverside Studios Hammersmith London where Jimmy Page will be introducing. Below is some further info. The event is open to the public and tickets are available: http://www.outsidedgetheatre.com "I am delighted and proud to be a supporter of The Outside Edge Theatre Company. They manage, under the guidance of Phil Fox, to produce artistically excellent work that challenges and entertains audiences at the same time as making a real difference. They demonstrate the very real capacity of live performance to positively transform shattered lives. Edge's work with addicts - and the ways in which their performances awaken audiences and provoke debate - is quite simply stunning" - Jimmy Page
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Humbled as usual. Thanks
  14. Ok, incredible news and thanks, however a link to the story is always good. See you there. That's a five thumbs out of five. Cheer-Z
  15. Hell ya !!!!!! Wicked !!!!!! This is really sounding like one helluva CD.
  16. There's a reference about Jimmy smoking in Richard Cole's STH book that dates back to 71. Just off the top of my head, I'd have to go and find the section for a quote. Oddly there does seem to be a lack of photographic evidence on this one. Bad habit and one we hope JP is still refraining from but we do wonder about those recent pics taken by Halfin with him holding a smoke along side of Ronnie Wood. I had hoped it was a prop. Smoking is just plain wrong and too easily discarded by many as otherwise.
  17. Toronto TCV review -- 10 09 2009 / The Sound Academy I am just arriving at home following the show approximately two hours after completion. My take on this whole show and evening's performance is based on the following -- Zepp lover Grohl semi admirer Homme not sure Having only heard and watched what was visible on Youtube prior to this show being seen with my own two eyes I was pretty skeptical and didn't expect to be overwhelmingly impressed. The first song did it. The remainder of the night was toe tapping happiness. Vocals were way better then anticipated and the sound was much wider and dynamic then the examples online, and the energy emitting from the stage was contagious. I didn't expect Homme to be vocally satisfying or interesting, based on bootlegs and video. Not only did he surpass my hopes, but seriously rocked and was in command of an electrifying performance, putting all doubters aside. The guitaring in this show was nothing short of different, stimulating and proficiently cool. This is not catchy FM friendly music, but heavy riff laden rock that has solid dimension. Much appreciation and gratitude for Mr Homme. And then there's Dave Grohl. The beats , rythms and steady creative fources behind this performance were heavy. The drum-fills he uses are genuinely powerful, and packed with Bonhamesque flair. He's a pro, and now at the top of his game as a rock n roll drum specialist. Watching him was like witnessing some real creative poundage for a change, with style. Some of the beats he played during this show were unusual, super funky and seriously diverse. The tightness of a Zepp show was present, and in the end I'd say that Grohl is fantastic. After seeing a multitide of today's best bands in concert this year he definitely put on a display worthy of top prize in these eyes. Thanks to Dave !!! From me, a permanent Zepp aficionado. And finally Mr. JPJ. This guy is the master of so much it's hard to describe. For me it was telling to watch his stage antics and facials as he delivered those solid lines and steady bass grooves we all know and expect. Tonight's show was no exception. A happy looking JPJ demonstrated some rock derivative and rythmic magic. John looks a bit older but is carrying the youth and exuberance of a young man while playing with these solid musicians during this venture. Hats off to JPJ for surfacing in a very dynamic, current and modern form of today's musical energy. Thanks John for an awakening, love ya. Overall, I often ask myself after a show if I would pay to see it again, and in this case I would most definitely pay, wait in line to be closer and be happy to listen again to a great band playing some great songs. Time to check where that next show is. 9.9/10 Advise to others --- see them vultures. Edit --- just finding video from this show ---- NICE !! There are others too.
  18. Ditto. Been there and bought that T-shirt. Cool memories and times. And don' forget The Music Hall that played TSRTS every weekend for those early 80's. Me and the crew probably went to see the film a good 150 times in a period of 4 years or so. Smile -- " Z "
  19. All is well and thanks for asking, hope the same for you, but from the looks of this thread you're in deep. I did borrow your info from a previous post, failed to say so, but knew you would know. It wouldn't be the first time. At that point in the thread, the Nelson Storm hadn't been mentioned so I threw it out there. SAJ - your thoughts, knowledge and patience here are appreciated. Cheers
  20. 1959-1960 Jimmy gigged with Red E. Lewis & The Redcats for about a year before vocalist Lewis was replaced by Chirs Tidmarsh, who changed his name to Neil Christian…Jimmy's stage name was Nelson Storm. Shortly after the lineup change, Christian took the band into the studio for a two-hour session and recorded four demos towards securing a recording contract.
  21. Why can't gov't related jobs with unions just settle on the standard yearly % hike for good ?? Whatever -- 3% Is that sufficient , I think so. Today's economy is not the brightest and many are happy to just be gainfully employed. My honest overall opinion of this era's economic climate is : Learn to accept, live with less if so and be tremendously grateful for what you do have. It's still one of the greatest places to be. OH CANADA --- Cheer z
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