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    Down By the Seaside...
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    I'm a graphic artist, potter and yoga instructor. I own a commercial sign company and freelance doing art for screen printers (t-shirts and whatnot) and print houses.<br /><br />My interests pretty much revolve around yoga, art, music, dance, cooking, reading, hanging out with friends and my dog.

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  1. mmkay, where's the 'rare' part come in with these?
  2. Alwizard, your pictures are FANTASTIC!!
  3. Having a family member come thru for me big time. I feel like the weight of the world has lifted off my shoulders.
  4. Yes, great suggestions! *fixed if for you Jahfin. Sorry that's a pet peeve of yours
  5. I did the Dead back in the 80's, a lot of East Coast tour dates during that time I hit. I'd have to say a good place to start is the Pig Pen era. I don't collect their boots but I'll send you a PM with some info.
  6. Devi is my spiritual initiated name that my Gurudev gave me many years ago. So I added Kashmir, which is one of my favorite Zep songs and voila you have KashmirDevi.
  7. Seeing a friend I haven't seen in 2 years. I really miss him and his wife. :'(
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