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    I'm a graphic artist, potter and yoga instructor. I own a commercial sign company and freelance doing art for screen printers (t-shirts and whatnot) and print houses.<br /><br />My interests pretty much revolve around yoga, art, music, dance, cooking, reading, hanging out with friends and my dog.

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  1. KashmirDevi

    Rare Zeppelin pics...

    mmkay, where's the 'rare' part come in with these?
  2. KashmirDevi


    Yep Buckethead is awesome. I was turned onto him by someone who was pretty awesome himself.
  3. KashmirDevi

    Ted Kennedy Thread

    What TRUE Republican would sugarplum?
  4. KashmirDevi

    Why bootlegs are bad

    Obviously you don't collect. Jimmy does. Most of the people I know who collect boots (just like myself) don't pay for them. Do some research before you go spouting off some jackass comment. Only scum who try and profit from recordings are bad not the boots. Real boots cost $0...
  5. KashmirDevi

    Pet Peeves

    I'm use to riding in a large pack, try riding in North Jersey when someone who thinks it's smart to cut into a pack of 50 bikers. Why, what are you thinking and considering the pack of bikers you are cutting into...always baffled my mind. Anyway remember this folks if you are in a car you are more of a danger to a biker than they are to you (Jap bike croch-rocket riding kids excluded, a lot of them don't consider the outcome of stupid, inexperienced and inconsiderate riding can lead to).
  6. KashmirDevi

    Word association

  7. KashmirDevi

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Firekisses

    Happy B-Day there FK !!
  8. KashmirDevi

    Your favorite Page look?

    :lol: I jest, I jest....I was messin' with you. He looked god awful during that time. Thank God he's healthy again and looking F-I-N-E.... .
  9. KashmirDevi

    Your favorite Page look?

    He's hot you anti-smacked-out drug racist!
  10. KashmirDevi

    Putting the doctor back into Timothy Leary

    Ah yes, the older, wiser 100+ dropped acid-head that I am .
  11. KashmirDevi

    Putting the doctor back into Timothy Leary

    Well I'm sure you never had really clean LSD. Shrooms are great but don't say LSD is overrated because the blotter you may have gotten wasn't top notch .
  12. KashmirDevi

    Why are you in (that) religion?

    "One guy doing weird stuff is called a nut. A large group of people doing weird stuff is called a church." – Bengt Washburn (Comedian)
  13. KashmirDevi

    The Women Thread

    Maybe you need to get yourself some Nelly Apple Bottom jeans or something.
  14. KashmirDevi

    The Women Thread

    Nice shoes Mandy, the picture makes me laugh tho the way your foot is turned.
  15. KashmirDevi

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Alwizard, your pictures are FANTASTIC!!