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  1. mmkay, where's the 'rare' part come in with these?
  2. Yep Buckethead is awesome. I was turned onto him by someone who was pretty awesome himself.
  3. What TRUE Republican would sugarplum?
  4. Obviously you don't collect. Jimmy does. Most of the people I know who collect boots (just like myself) don't pay for them. Do some research before you go spouting off some jackass comment. Only scum who try and profit from recordings are bad not the boots. Real boots cost $0...
  5. I'm use to riding in a large pack, try riding in North Jersey when someone who thinks it's smart to cut into a pack of 50 bikers. Why, what are you thinking and considering the pack of bikers you are cutting into...always baffled my mind. Anyway remember this folks if you are in a car you are more of a danger to a biker than they are to you (Jap bike croch-rocket riding kids excluded, a lot of them don't consider the outcome of stupid, inexperienced and inconsiderate riding can lead to).
  6. :lol: I jest, I jest....I was messin' with you. He looked god awful during that time. Thank God he's healthy again and looking F-I-N-E.... .
  7. He's hot you anti-smacked-out drug racist!
  8. Ah yes, the older, wiser 100+ dropped acid-head that I am .
  9. Well I'm sure you never had really clean LSD. Shrooms are great but don't say LSD is overrated because the blotter you may have gotten wasn't top notch .
  10. "One guy doing weird stuff is called a nut. A large group of people doing weird stuff is called a church." – Bengt Washburn (Comedian)
  11. Maybe you need to get yourself some Nelly Apple Bottom jeans or something.
  12. Nice shoes Mandy, the picture makes me laugh tho the way your foot is turned.
  13. Alwizard, your pictures are FANTASTIC!!
  14. I use to HATE and I mean HATE Guns N Roses. I can remember when they first can out I was like what the hell, Axel's voice sounded like cat's being dipped in hot oil. But now I'm beginning to like them. Now Slash is another story, he's a great player.
  15. My Dad died at 42 from cancer from his job. My brother always use to think he would die at that age or around too. Now he is in his early 50's. I use to get pissed because if you keep thinking that you will create it. It's all a mind set. You don't have to be like all the other men in your family. As far as kid, that's a choice most of the time, it's none of anyone's business why you do or don't have children.
  16. What is it? My other PC is not that old but I don't use it, I wish there was an easy way to link to two together like you can do on Mac. My other option is to take out that HD and put it in the one I use now as a second one, but I heard that the fan might not cool it down enough. So it's just sitting.
  17. I started life as a computer user with Mac, I'm partial to them since I do graphic art. I've owned 3 and I love them, easy to use easy to fix, well at least the older OS. I'm lost with the newer OS. Currently I have a iMac G3 running OS X, only because of my sign program. Unix is great because most people don't know how to write viruses for the language and I've never had any problems. My next purchase will be this baby: the 24" iMac. At home I have 2 PCs, I really hesitated in the beginning to get a PC but once you use them it's as easy as a Mac, well at least I have mine set up
  18. Great series, watched it at least 3 times, in fact I caught it about 6 months ago on the History Channel and it's something you see new things and angles in each time. Amazing cinematography and acting. I'm so glad since Tom Hanks' efforts to bring our WW2 vets to the forefront in Saving Private Ryan and his passion for the movie these men are recognized after so many years. My Uncle who is in his 80's now was in the Navy and at the Battle of Normandy. He rarely talks about it, it actually received metals that he never claimed, the purple heart being one. My cousins requested them
  19. 26 was a big deal for me. You realize you aren't a kid anymore and you got to get your sh*t together. I'm sure there will be another age that i come to that will flip me but I'm cool with turning 40 in a few (at least at the moment )
  20. Hmmmm, maybe they were all abducted by aliens and when they came back from whatever/ who had them the incident starts where the story starts... pretty bizarre story indeed.
  21. My Mom would never buy me one, so I used a wine glass turned upside down with the alphabet and yes and no written on index cards placed around in a circle. My friends and I had a strange experience with it and I never bothered with it since.
  22. That is BEAUTIFUL... I rarely smoke but I love the smell of some kind bud, mmm, mmm.
  23. Having a family member come thru for me big time. I feel like the weight of the world has lifted off my shoulders.
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