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  1. And LZChick, I don't know what your mom's tests were for, but if they are what I think they are, I am happy for you too. I know how hard it is to wait and wait for news like that... it's the one thing that I wish oncology labs could get figured out. It almost takes more of a toll on the patient and their family to wait weeks for results than it does to actually begin the battle. Faster turnarounds sure would ease a lot of suffering all around.
  2. Today I was happy that I got all the rest of my office packing done so that I am now ready to move into the basement while our floor is being remodeled. This has been an ongoing thing where we were told to be ready like 4 months ago and are just NOW getting to move on Monday. I'm just very happy that we're finally moving forward with the whole thing and no one has to feel like they're being left in limbo anymore. And I'm really thrilled for the people who've been stuck in the basement for almost 6 months that they get to be going back to their floor with everything all done and brand new!
  3. It's actually been relatively pleasant here.. daytime highs in the mid-40's for the past couple of days, and lots of sunshine. I'm glad, I really needed a break from the clouds and the cold. Hey, at this time of year, as long as it's above absolute zero, I'm happy!
  4. I don't know that you could call Elvis a county artist. Maybe by today's standards....
  5. It was a whopping 2 degrees F when I got up this morning, and I believe it got down to around -5 last night. Yesterday was miserable- I think it reached 15 degrees F during the day, but we had a very stiff NW wind that probably brought the windchill down to very near 0. But we're supposed to warm up over the next few days, maybe even reach 45 or higher Sunday! I can hardly wait for that... it will feel like summer...
  6. Ha ha, I agree! Joel, I really have meant to say that I have been enjoying your pictures from this time of your life. It reminds me a lot of the pictures my mom has of her and her brothers in childhood... and oddly, you and my uncle Mike very much resemble each other as little kids, but not these days. And your mom looks beautiful, by the way- very statuesque!
  7. Um, none of the above. My vote's on Keller Williams.
  8. Me too! Chicken, looking cute as a button as always- and WTF, Nick's taller than you?! I really haven't been around in awhile...
  9. Well, that definitely sounds like my kind of event!
  10. CHICKEN! I have missed you! And just guess what I came across when I was packing up all of my stuff to move (again)... I'm gonna need your address again!
  11. Absolutely. I'm pretty darn tired of this cold already... seems like it got and stayed cold earlier this year than normal, so most of us are already really sick of it. I'm thinking it sounds like a better and better idea to sock away that money for a trip somewhere tropical next year...
  12. I was made an Honorary Canadian during a geology conference I attended with my master's adviser, an honor so bestowed by a group of lovely people from the University of Waterloo. And I've wanted to move to Canada pretty much since 2000... Does that count?
  13. It feels like it will be a little warmer today, and the forecast calls for it to be in the 30's, but a chance of snow beginning tonight, into tomorrow.
  14. Well, my sister invites us all to her house every year- more of a "stay off the streets with the drunk people" effort than anything. It's fun, though- we have lots of food, usually watch a movie or two, play some games... we have a good time. This year I'm taking a ton of food over there, but I will not be staying much past midnight because I promised my friends that if they can get themselves TO the bar, I will come and pick them up. They were fighting over who had to be DD, so I decided to just clear it up since I won't be drinking anyway. So then, I'm sure, I'll be at the after-hours party for awhile.
  15. Lookin' better all the time, neutral. Though I have to say you're looking more like Heath Ledger these days than Jim Morrison. Not that that's a bad thing...
  16. I have to agree for myself (although I never acquired the taste for beer). I used to hate Bob Dylan, laughed every time my dad did his impression of him. But a friend of mine had me listen to some of the very earliest stuff, and we also went to see the documentary about him when it was showing at our local "art" film theater, and I really learned to admire the guy, and then his music. My friend, however, has adored him since she first heard him as a teenager, and credits him for her drive to be politically and socially aware. We even went into DinkyTown (is that right?) when we were in the Minneapolis/St Paul area for a concert a couple of years ago.
  17. I believe there's a whole lot out there we aren't even capable of imagining. And I think the entire human civilization is akin to one single cell in our bodies. We're so tiny on the grand scale of things. I think it'd be a real mind-freak if we even got a glimpse of what's going on out there.
  18. Sunny today, but it has been SO cold the last few days. That sort of cold that just sinks right into your bones and you can't get warmed up again until you've had like a whole pot of coffee. It sucks. I am SO ready for spring, and we haven't even hit our worst winter month yet. January is usually the coldest, and also has the most snow.
  19. Beautiful! For some reason, though, I was thinking you were out in CA, Klu... don't you have to deal with some pretty nasty breed-specific legislation out there?
  20. She's so cute! My mom has 2 pembrokes, but they both had their tails docked as puppies... I haven't ever seen one with its tail! I'll have to show her that picture, she's always wanted to know what they'd look like. Do you also find it's true that they are the "clowns of the dog world?"
  21. I don't know what fog my brain was in the other night, but I forgot to add to my list of favorites: Solomon Burke, Etta James, Koko Taylor and Albert King. And of course, Otis. Who can help loving Otis, really?
  22. I just received the copy of Tab Benoit's new one, "Power of the Ponchartrain," that I ordered from Amazon. Alas, it is a Christmas gift for my friend Kim. I don't think she'll mind too much if I crack it open and give it a listen before I mail it to her. 'Course, she said she was mailing me my Christmas gift and that it would fit in my mailbox. I'm going to laugh if she got me the same thing.
  23. OK, so I'm bored at the moment and feel like being a prolific topic-starter. So bite me! What are your plans for the weekend? As for myself, I'm going to see my brother's band tonight and hang out with Mom. The rest of the weekend? Probably not much that's worth mentioning. I am going to (hopefully!) sleep undisturbed tonight until whenever the hell *I* decide to wake up tomorrow, do some cleaning... probably do some food prep on Sunday for my sister's New Year's gathering. That's about it, really.
  24. My favorite male vocalists are probably Scott Wieland, Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell (wow, am I showing my high-school-in-the-90's grunge influence or what?). Least favorite... I'm sorry, but I have to say Robert Plant. I just never have liked his singing voice! Favorite female vocalists would be Stevie Nicks, Susan Tedeschi and Sarah McLachlan. Least favorites... ugh, well that's easy. Britney, Jessica, Asslee (I mean Ashlee)... any of those pop princesses. Puke. Edit: ACK! How could I forget Layne as one of my favorite male vocalists?! And Travis Meeks. Sheesh, I really am starting to lose my mind!
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