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  1. I was in middle school when a school friend said "hey man, did you hear one of the guys from Led Zeppelin died?I think it was the drummer."I was floored and didn't believe him, especially since my brother was at the Capitol Center, to camp out for tickets.He was only allowed to do so under the stipulation that he had to get a ticket for me as well.I think tickets were set to go on sale on the 26th,and my brother and a few of his friends got to the Cap Center a day early to secure a good spot in line.Of course there were already tons of people there when the announcement was made. I got on the bus, and our bus driver had the local rock radio station on and they were talking about Bonzo's passing. I was doubly crushed.Not only had my favorite drummer passed, but my dream of FINALLY being "old enough" to see my favorite band and been squashed.
  2. Yes, one and the same!! WOW, Steve!! Would love to hear those interviews.Any chance of PM'ing me and getting a copy.I was in the club just as they changed their name to Feathers, and eventually when Julie decided to disband it after Live Aid. I think I actually still have my membership card somewhere. I actually talked to Julie once on the phone. I didn't know much about her.I was just getting into Zep in my high school years and was turned on to the fanclub by a DJ at one of the Rock stations here in Baltimore, MD. Anyone know what Julie is up to these days?
  3. Hi Folks, Been lurking here for sometime and decided to register.it's really great to be amongst so any fans that love LZ as much as I do.I was just wondering if anyone here belonged to the Feathers In The Wind/Runes fan club based out of Denver, Colorado in the 80's? I was a member for a few years and was wondering if anyone else here was also. Merry Christmas everyone!!
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