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  1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
  2. I smoke and I too have a job. You just have to keep them seperate. I would love to visit the netherlands some day, not just for obvious reasons but my great grandparents are from there and it would be nice to visit the "homeland". I'm also curious about the potency of the pot there because in Colorado medicinal grade stuff is expensive and sometimes not as good.
  3. I hear ya, I'm just saying I see a lot on the news about 16 and 17 year old kids doing stupid shit in their car trying to show off and sometimes they take the lives of other innocent motorists with them. This law will never happen so........
  4. I too would be in favor of marijuana legalization and making alcohol illegal. Booze destroys far more lives than weed. I also think you should have to be 18 to get a drivers license (imagine all the road fatalities we could avoid by taking dumbass kids from behind the wheel) and I also feel that you should have to be 21 to access porn and tobacco. Having to wait 3 more years is no big deal, it will still be there waiting for you when you turn 21. I'm also kinda surprised that they don't try to lower the legal gambling age of 21 to 18. Each state with casino's can't wait to take your money. That brings me to another point, here in Colorado there is a statewide smoking ban, no smoking indoors anywhere except casinos because they don't want to lose the revenue brought in by the smokers. Can you say double standards?
  5. I always thought it is kinda funny that the companies that sell seeds have the disclaimer, "Acquisition of cannabis seeds in the US is illegal. Payable in US dollars from around the world.
  6. I know from working concert security for years, I'll take the stoners over the drunks ANYDAY! Case in point, when working the grateful dead and widespread panic shows it's not my type of music or scene but the people attending the show could not have been nicer.
  7. That's the problem, decriminalizing doesn't allow you to grow your own. Besides, I never really considered it a drug. It's just a plant for God's sake.
  8. I forgot to mention that the only people probably opposed to it would be dealers. Dealers that are selling to kids.
  9. I think you will be happy. Nice to see a great performer and not spend a week's salary.
  10. With the economy showing no signs of recovery is it time to legalize marijuana? The state of California makes over 10 million dollars a year from medicinal dispenseries. Imagine the money that could be made countrywide if it was legalized. We're talking hundreds of millions of dollars generated by sales that would be taxed, not to mention all the jobs created for farmers and people to run the shops. I always thought one of the biggest reasons for the "war on drugs" (which has been a miserable failure) was that the government wasn't getting their piece of the pie. Instead they want you to take their drugs. The kind that killed Michael Jackson. It's not a war on drugs, it's a war on personal freedom. Look at Amsterdam and Vancouver. They don't seem to have a problem. When's the last time you picked up a newspaper and read, "Man smokes weed and goes on massive killing spree"? The answer is never. I think it's time. The number of annual deaths caused by marijuana=0. Legalize. Regulate. Educate.
  11. I saw him a few years back at a small theater of about 1000. Great player. I had a chance to meet him too, very nice guy.
  12. Valentine's day is a bullshit made up holiday. If banks and the post office is open, it's not a holliday!
  13. 5-metallica 4-van halen 3-tool 2-rush 1-led zep
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