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  1. First of all they are all excellent musicians, I love specially Jimmy Page guitar solos. They are also very creative and sometimes they explore marvellously well other musical rhythms in their musics. Besides more the music is hard but it is not depressive and don't put us down, bored with the life. And the more I know and appreciate the music the more I try to know and to appreciate the musicians.
  2. In my opinion of course they are members. Like any one they also surf in the Internet and very probably they are curious to know our answers because we are talking about them. I think it is the way of them to know us and what we think. For example, I am sure that Jonesy and Jimmy really read all messages of happy birthday, certainly it was our demonstration of fondness to them.
  3. Well, here I am... I have thousands of photos at my home, but the most difficult thing is to find a photo of mine. People, I ask you forgive me because to write in English is not a common task for me and this puts me ashamed. mas, por falar nisso, está cheio de brasileiros por aqui, eu bem que podia escrever em português... Translating: by the way, it is full of Brazilians here, maybe I could write in Portuguese... but I won't...
  4. Hi, Jimmy but now I just wanna thank you, thank you for your music, thank you for everything you have done, thank you for existing, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for everything...
  5. Oh! yes, it's true... Happy Birthday
  6. I think we can post here any polls at Internet about Led Zeppelin, for we can vote and vote... here is the first: http://www.rollingstone.com/
  7. I think the main dificult of the answer is that I could answer one thing today and other thing other day, but I will try: 1) Since I've been loving you 2) Achilles last stand 3) Stairway to haven 4) The Song Remains the same 5) Immigrant Song 6) Whole Lotta Love 7) Heartbreaker 8) Four Sticks 9) What is and what should never be 10) Dazed and Confused Well , I'm not sure, but it's good
  8. I really would like to vote in "Since I've been loving you"
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