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  1. Fantastic band. I think "Get Behind Me Satan" is their best album. Not a single duff moment.
  2. Kyuss (don't think anybody mentioned them). Lots of the ones already listed. I'm a Soundgarden lover too. Now THAT was a great band.
  3. Hi all I have played lead guitar in gigging rock bands (Les Paul sunburst Standard through Marshall 100Watt half-stack), and am currently involved in two projects. I'm left-handed, but play right. I make and sell guitar effects pedals. (Am I allowed to tell you the name, or is that spamming?) I live about 2 miles from Robert Plant. We often drink in the same pub, and I once nearly had a head on collision with him. I also know his guitarist fairly well (no, not that one! Ex-Band Of Joy/Priory Of Brion). Adam
  4. That was my thought too. I can't think of another reason why someone would want to know all those dates. That's pretty dull information even for a Zep fanatic like me.
  5. Love em. Saw them about a year before Entwistle died. Loudest gig I've ever been to by a LONG shot! How do Pete and Roger manage to jump around on stage for well past 2 and half hours like they're still 17? Bloody rock stars. Anybody manage to grab any of those Deluxe Editions of their albums? I got "Live At Leeds" and "Who's Next", and as well as the extra tracks and great packaging there is a vast improvement in sound, particularly on "Who's Next". If you love that album but hate the old splatty flat mix then it comes highly recommended.
  6. For me it's the Ozzy years all the way. But then I'm from near B'ham and he's a local hero (along with the rest of Sabbath, Plant & Bonham). That run of the first six albums is just unbelievable. Hard to pick a favourite, but I think it may be "Master Of Reality". On a slightly different topic; I think my favourite Sabbath-influenced bands have got to be Soundgarden and then the whole Palm Desert scene - Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age etc. Is it me or is Josh Homme (and his crew) the only current artist worth listening to? I know that's not strictly true, but it sometimes seems that way.
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