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  1. If you don't like tea in Ireland you get publicly shamed. Not really But I'm constantly drinkin' tea My favourite tea is Clipper Fair Trade It's strong and beautiful. I also *love* Rooibos
  2. The Passions of Great Fortune - Roy Harper. It's about his lyrics, but it's kinda like "I Me Mine" by George Harrison, but more expensive and has less information, but what he does say is very interesting. Great
  3. yeah but in BMS it sounds better cause it's half a step lower. rory gallagher's done she moved thru the fair with bert jansch. it was good.
  4. I know Jimmy used parts from BWS, that's why I asked the question. BWS guitar part is harder that BMS. I think Jimmy just made the tune more appealing. I like them both. But I can't chose between White Summer and Black Mountain Side.
  5. do you mean the picture of a guy holding a girl? that's Dunluce Castle, not far from the Giant's Causeway. or do you mean something else? :S
  6. he didn't in the o2 cause there's a smoking ban!
  7. Northern Ireland, "UK". (Giant's Causeway, people! HOTH yeehaa)
  8. it'd be easier to pick one that's less likable than the rest. Zeppelin have many a good tune
  9. "does anybody remember laughter?"
  10. i don't really care. and neither does Bert. ever heard black waterside?
  11. They spelled it wrong, surely? it's definitely supposed to be Yr. unless there is actually a bizarre reason that I've not come across
  12. "musical influence" comes in the name of Bert Jansch and John Renbourn. Who are lovely people. and I know a guy said that up there ^ ^ ^ but I heard someone say once that "Music is never owned, it's shared. It's almost impossible to create new sounds and those who do, don't do it well" ha ha. I think bron is better than waggoner's lad. it should have a banjo in it though.
  13. So many... "The mighty arms of Atlas, hold the heavens from the earth" from Achilles Last Stand, "...kissing tiny flowers.." verse from That's The Way "peace and trust can win the day despite of all your losing" from Immigrant Song "STRIDER" from live Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp and the verse from What Is And What Should Never Be. I hate chosing, but seeing as I want to top up my post number so I *have* to, they'd be them. Much love to everyone
  14. JPJ JPJ JPJ JPJ JPJ JPJ JPJ FOREVER!!!!!! although, granted, if Jimmy Page proposed to me, it'd be almost impossible to say no. unless I was married to JPJ. heh. hey everyone, I'm new!
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