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  1. http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/inde...mmy-performers/
  2. Agree, the album has so much more than strength than when it first came out. It doesn't feel mediocre any longer...In The Evening, South Bound Saurez, Carouselambra, I'm Gonna Crawl...ALOT of killer stuff. Crawl really does make that album feel like it came full circle. Don't know if it's me, but ending the album with it to me always felt like it has a 'what if' quality to it - or whether because it was the end of the chapter makes me think that or not. Seems like it was back to where they started doesn't it?
  3. i would be thinking it would be mid-late next year when it comes out. from all accounts, it seems there were those audio issues at the start of the show, so they would have to fix those first wouldn't they? wonder if there be any film sound stages used to re-do some shots ala TSRTS - so guessing they would have to book those first yes? (haha)
  4. Warner and Youtube have a deal, so all official Warner clips from their acts are up (search ANY Warner Music band and they are up there - the first place I saw the M'Ship TV commercials was Youtube) but also means that anything that is in breach of that agreement Warner have Youtube taking it down. Best not to chat about it here I think.
  5. My first post aswell, after watching this all VERY closely. From what I have seen and now heard/downloaded it looked like an amazing show at O2. But, have to disagree, I really don't think that a tour will happen. Have heard that their label reckons it will happen - but would never take that for gospel considering they are not in the touring business. But - I am holding my breath, like we all are. If the weeks turn into months, I'll be holding it just for at least a yes or no.
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