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  1. this is quite a methaphor, heh!!!! Swan lake??? Swan song!! The scene could be very poetic, hoh!!!! two ducks sinking to the bottom of the lake and making love while reaching the depths of their soul!!!
  2. Thanks everybody!!! I hope you enjoyed the music!!!!!!!!! And how about fans from the old board!!?? I hope everything is allright, because with some of you i had quite some strugles when we discussed my singing, althugh we did all remain friendly, right??!! The thing was, i had very low self esteem at that point, so i certainly wasn't seeking an opinion, that would point out, that i am perfect, but while being so low with self confidence, i felt that i have to discuss my singing and chalenge the criticism of my singing and the need for discusing was certainly encouraged by extremely low self esteem and not by some strange excessive need for praise and approval, which is not what art is about.
  3. yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. well it's on you tube aswell, just type samo kodela.
  5. shit i just checked it out, it doesn't really find it if you type samo kodela. here is the link: http://www.myspace.com/samokodela this is exactlly what i said not to do, i'm promoting myself, but honestly, i'm just gaving you the chance to ckeck it out, the vocal rhtmy in stairway is very free, but you should listen to the last part, you can however listen to going to california for a faster confirmation of the high notes, you also got two videos.
  6. well you signed it rob??? are you robert plant, heh??? oh and for those that want to hear me sing the high zeppelin notes, search for a myspace site under the name Samo Kodela, old fans can confirm i posted tapes and i don't want to promote myself, so i wont post any songs, but just for the sake of the truth, check my myspace site if you doubt in my abilities. oh and fans form the previous board will certainly understand my story.
  7. any responses from knebworthbabe, evster, chicken and some others would make me very happy.
  8. any moderator or the maintainer sam rappalo himself, please do not erase this story because i think it is important for my relationships with the old fans form the previous board. you all know that i am a dedicated fan, so please leave this story on the board.
  9. I am a singer who also sings Led Zeppelin and I have posted many tapes on this site with various responses and alot of arguments with other members over their opinions. although I do have a myspace site, I don't think this is a promotion, because i am progressing well musically in my local environment and i have more and more songs of my own. the thing is that I would for the sake of old fans, from the previous message board and for the new ones, like to explain my personal story. the truth is, that I am now acknowleged by the best slovenian musicians like Vlado Kreslin and Gal Gjurin as a tenor with a wide enough range to sing Zeppelin and this artists also like my own songs and I am having more and more concerts. but my life story is a tragedy!!! I am 25 and I had problems quite typical for talented people, but the whole thing turned into a few years of tretment under temporary diagnosises and I lost a few years of life and there is also a posibility, that my mother got cancer and died because she suffered so much emotionaly because of my problems. we are a respected family in hour home town Ptuj in Slovenia and I had temporary diagnosises, but I never had a diagnosis, that would indicate a disturbed personality and they just gave me something, because it is determined by law, that you have to have something written down, to get some medication. the truth at the end is, that all I needed, was a pschologist for talented chlidren, although my problems did escalate at 18 to the point, where I wanted to change the world with Zeppelin, but it wasn't mania and I was also in love with a girl from my class, which is very spoiled, like the one from the song Since I've been loving you, but I certainly wasn't aware of that at the time. I though she was the girl from the song Thank you!!!! this is my story!!! I am now out of my crisis, I am living a more and more fullfilling life, I am slowly studying english and sociology and progressing in musical carrer and I am hoping for a girlfriend. thanks for your understanding.
  10. I didn't hear this version yet, but if it was a pre-prepared part, i'm almost certain it was Jason, he was probably the most nervous and this is one of the most complex live Jimmy Page songs. But fuck up's are part of the improvisation and it's important that they somehow saved it and it happend in zep days aswell, because they were adding new parts, but they all had fantastic intuitions so there weren't many fuck up's. i'm almost certain this part was pre prepared, so jason probably messed up a bit and also i would say it's interesting how the whole band was restraing at times and teasing the audience on purpose!! as if asking them: well can we still do it or no???
  11. The photos are fantastic!!!!!!! The show was great from what i heard!!!! Led zeppelin are back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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