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  1. We shall see. Your boys are in Florida tonight. And that isnt easy. Florida has improved.

    Yes, very good defense. But they can't score enough to beat Philly! Go Flyers!!! :slapshot:

    Need to go right now. Everyone have a great night!

  2. They will make it. Philly loses tonight in Wash. I cant wait to play those chumps./

    At least they don't unload all thier talent to save a buck! :buttsmack:

    If they sign Peter Forsberg. They'll have the best centers in the league! :nhl:

  3. You live in the dessert and you are a Flyers fan? Whats up with that? A transplanted Philadelphian? Ill dance with you later. GO SABRES! Sabres and Caps on in 5 minutes.

    From the Los Angeles area, Burbank to be exact.

    My 1st game was in 1980. Flyers vs. LA at the old "Great Western Forum".

    Been a fan ever since. And no 'they aint shit" is right. They are the SHIT!! :buttsmack:

    Don't think Buffalo will even make the playoffs! :nuke:

  4. How's it going fellow die hard hard core ZEPPELIN fanatics? Its a new week with New Years coming right around the corner. My next thread is a tribute to one of the greatest female icons that ever picked up a microphone. There have been many great legendary female icons that have passed through music history. Legends such as Billie Holiday, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Carole King, Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Ann Wilson, Stevie Nicks, Olivia Newton John and Sheryl Crow to name a few. However, out of all of these legendary women, only one had perhaps the most beautiful God-given angelic voice that ever walked the face of the earth. It would be inappropriate of me to talk about all of these legendary female icons such as the late great Janis Joplin without bringing up THE CARPENTERS.

    Karen Carpenter had a voice of an angel. In my opinion, if God ever blessed us by sending angels to earth to sing for the whole world, they would be the late great Janis Joplin and the late great Karen Carpenter. THE CARPENTERS will forever go down in Rock n' Roll history and be remembered for having perhaps the greatest female icon with the greatest angelic voice ever. The late great Karen Carpenter was born with a God-given angelic voice that would woo anybody anywhere, anyplace and anytime. Karen's voice sounded so mysterious and mystical, yet so sad but extremely powerful, emotional and beautiful. Her voice also sounded so smooth and soothing that she could put you into a trance by feeling locked into her voice. You couldn't help but feel drawn to her tone of voice as she is singing. When God created Karen Carpenter's angelic voice, he truly broke the mold. When brother Richard and Karen joined forces together in 1969, THE CARPENTERS would be born with a creation consisting and blending of special sounds and harmonies. Karen will also go down in Rock n' Roll history for becoming one of the very first female pioneer Drummers ever. Within the space of just a few years, their unique and inimitable sound had brought a whole new dimension to the world of popular music. This creation would be the result of mastermind brother Richard Carpenter by finding the perfect exact vocal range for sister Karen. With that in mind, Rock n' Roll would gain one of the most beautiful female singing voices of all-time besides Barbra Streisand and Janis Joplin.

    THE CARPENTERS would release many great albums and hit singles through the years between the period of 1969 to 1983 to high critical acclaim. Believe it or not, THE CARPENTERS were at one time, the biggest-selling group of the 1970's. No fewer than 10 of their hit singles went on to becoming million-sellers. By 2005, combined worldwide sales of their albums and hit singles would exceed well over 100 million units. That figure would raise even more by 2009.

    In reality, THE CARPENTERS' music is definitely a true testament of the sheer genius and musical creativity of a brother and sister music team that shared their God-given talents with the whole world. THE CARPENTERS' music is also a fine fitting tribute to a great brother and sister duo that were truly indeed, far ahead of their time. Their music will always be their story that speaks for itself.

    THE CARPENTERS would continue to record many great albums and hit singles that would dazzle the music world and their audiences for many years. However, THE CARPENTERS would suffer its worse fatality and tragedy that would permanently silence THE CARPENTERS forever and along with that, one of Rock's most beautiful angelic voices ever. When Karen Carpenter died on that fateful day on 4 February 1983 of ANOREXIA NERVOSA, THE CARPENTERS died with her and would be laid to rest. WHAT A TRAGIC ENDING! And just think, it tooks Karen Carpenter's death in 1983 to bring ANOREXIA NERVOSA out into the limelight. On a good note, Richard Carpenter has continued to release solo albums other than write and record several main theme songs for several popular television series. With this in mind, I guess it is safe to say that THE CARPENTERS have forever left their mark in Rock n' Roll history and their beautifully crafted sound of music and harmonies will never be forgotten. And as the saying goes, "AND THE REST IS ROCK N' ROLL HISTORY," need I say more? KAREN CARPENTER LIVES! R.I.P. Karen Carpenter, Born 2 March 1950, Died 4 February 1983 at age 32. ROCK ON!

    AMEN! :goodpost::piano: RIP Karen. :angel:

  5. Whos your daddy? We will beat the living daylights out of you pricks. Just wait. Silly ass Clarke sitting in the press box after being fired. I wonder how many real teeth the dip shit has? Whos your daddy?

    Its just a game. :blink: Get a life! :wacko::rant: Buffalo doesn't have a chance. :buttsmack::tomato:

    I guess you need glasses or you're just blind to what talent skates on the ice every night in Philly! :slapshot:

  6. To celebrate our third anniversary (and to get in the Halloween spirit), my husband and I carved some pumpkins. Here's the one I made:


    I kind of screwed up on the second "o," but I think it turned out pretty good for my first non-pumpkin-face Jack-o-lantern.

    Just thought I'd share! :)


    We've had are stuff up since September.

    The greatest holiday!!


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