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  1. EXCELLENT! We've had are stuff up since September. The greatest holiday!!
  2. Thirteen years. WAY TOO LONG!!
  3. WOW! Sorry guys, i've been away.
  4. Yes she was! Too bad those bastards are still alive!!!
  5. Flyers RULE!!!! Montreal were beat by a better team! Simple as that! Thats what happens when you put a rookie goalie in net.
  6. NFL sucks! Too many rules! Way better in the 70's & early 80's. If you want to check out great hitting, great passing and great scoring. Then all of you should watch the NHL!!! Greatest sport in the world!!!
  7. Original Metallica is the best! Seen them way back in 1984 open for Ozzie at the Long Beach Sports Arena. Great show execpt for the poor dude who fell from the upper seats.
  8. Can't believe no one has killed this pile of crap! Worst example of a human being! Gets Lennon's autograph and as he walks away, shoots him in the back. For What! To be famous! Love to get my hands on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I grew up in Burbank, CA (15 miles north of Los Angeles). Back in the 70's, it had some of the best teachers. Most of them were very cool and most of the time, class was alot of fun. Guess I was lucky.
  10. Great bands! I've seen ELP, Yes, UK, Holdsworth, Tull with Eddie Jobson, Genesis( late 70's ), Gentle Giant and the Dixie Dregs. All were great live shows! Wish more today played like these bands. Still listen to all these bands.
  11. UFO, who else saw this classic SiFi?
  12. Opening for Tull at the LA sports arena.
  13. I did the same. Still have all my vinyl from the 60's, 70's & 80's. 95% are still in great condition! The other 5% I let friends use and they came back in less than perfect condition. After that I never let anyone use them again and thats way they're still in great shape. Vinyl rules!! Good Sunday to you!
  14. Saw Coverdale in '78 & '87. Very good in '78. not so good in '87. But without Plant, why bother!
  15. I agree! The music today really sucks! Everyone sounds so lame! None of it has any balls!
  16. RIP Mel :'( Caught Whitesnake in the late 70's opening for Tull! Great show!
  17. GAC64

    Vale Steve Weiss

    RIP Steve. :'(
  18. Can't wait for the DVD! One of the best bands of the 70's!
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