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  1. Iron Maiden & Queensryche at the old Irvine Meadows. 2001
  2. So would I. But America isn't the great country it used to be!
  3. I've smoked Maui Zowie. Some of the best ever to be grown!
  4. I still have all the records I bought back in the 70's & 80's, over 400, and still listen to them today. They still have the best sound! Great depth!
  5. Metallic & Ozzy at ~ Long Beach Sports Arena. Deep Purple also at Long Beach. Both in the mid 80's
  6. GAC64

    Pet Peeves

    Threads like this one!
  7. Presence~ Remember hearing it for the first. Nothing like it!
  8. Great quote! That says it all!
  9. The Scorpions. Late 70's ~ early 80's! One of the best, high energy, live acts ever!
  10. GAC64

    The Man Thread

    Now there is an ugly baby!
  11. Keep it real people. If Obama makes it the White House, Some fucking idiot will put a bullit in his head! Let us all hope that Zep will tour again!
  12. You did the right thing! That took alot of courage!! It's hard to find good friends and to have one that always lies is never a friend. Some day those lies could get you into alot of trouble.
  13. 5-3 in the regular season! But without their best defensemen, Kimmo & Coburn, they really don't have a chance But still a great season!!!
  14. Welcome back Zep fans are the greatest!
  15. Just finished Robert's first solo record & Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here".
  16. It's simply the coolest music ever!!!
  17. Flyers all the way!!!! What a turn-a-round from last season! Flyer fans rejoice!!
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