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  1. Get a life!! Scoreboard baby! Could you be"Ican'tquityoubabe"?
  2. What a waste! Loved him in "Lords of Dogtown".
  3. GAC64


    Welcome, Lindsay!! Glad to have you on board
  4. To quote Robert Plant " I thought Quaaludes were illegal " The only thing toast is your KNOWLEDGE or LACK OF, hockey!
  5. I see you like to dream too...
  6. Still old... Go Pittsburg in the next round!!!
  7. It's nice to dream, isn't.
  8. GAC64

    Oh CANADA!

    You're CLASSIC!! Love Canada and Hockey even MORE!!!! GO FLYERS!!!!!
  9. The playoffs are here and it's the best time of the year for hockey fans. LETS GO FLYERS!!!! Hey, where are all those Buffalo fans? Oh yeah
  10. Always glad to see new Zep fans. Welcome from Gilbert, AZ
  11. Dream on The Flyers are in and Buffalo is playing golf!
  12. Aquatarkus, Emerson is just ripping on that song!!!
  13. Love the warm sound of the Fender Strat! Without feedback!!
  14. GAC64

    Oh CANADA!

    Can always can't on you for a good laugh :hysterical:Zeppelin
  15. Look it's March 17th and still in 8th place Isn't Buffalo on the back nine!
  16. GAC64


    Welcome from Phoenix, AZ
  17. Great band, GREAT art work! Robert, Greg and the boys
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