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  1. Happy Birthday Zep fan! Hope you have a great day
  2. What do you call a rooster with ED? Boneless chicken
  3. Great to see all the ELP fans here. Seen their tour in '94. Still one of the greatest three peice bands in history! Still listen to all their music.
  4. Age 44 and still rocking to the mighty ZEP!!!!
  5. GAC64

    Oh CANADA!

    Didn't say that it was over. Just that a true hockey fan knows that Buffalo doesn't have a chance in hell in making the playoffs this year or next if they can't keep thier talent under contract!!! Don't need to get your undies in a bunch, it's just a sport.
  6. Either way, it still is a great song!
  7. GAC64

    Oh CANADA!

    Today is March 8th, where are the Sabres? Oh yeah they're teeing off on the front nine!! Scoreboard, baby!
  8. Where were all of you in my youth?
  9. I've been listening to Zep since I was eight, way back when. It's great to hear that they still rock the young people of the world when there is so much bad music today.
  10. Welcome from Phoenix, AZ Glad to hear from you in the great northwest Cheers!
  11. Welcome from Phoenix,AZ U.S.A. Good taste in music!
  12. GAC64


    Spending time with my family, then it's HOCKEY, HOCKEY, HOCKEY!
  13. Love the lyrics in " Your Time is Gonna Come "
  14. PLEASE, ZEP I all the way
  15. Sorry about your friend, Chris. My mom died of cancer. My family will keep him in our prayers
  16. Happy belated BIRTHDAY Sorry it's a little late. Been in the hospital (shoulder surgery ) :'(
  17. GAC64

    Oh CANADA!

    The hockey playoffs are coming... The hockey playoffs are coming... The hockey playoffs are coming... LET'S GO FLYERS!!!!!
  18. GAC64


    Welcome from Phoenix.
  19. GAC64

    Stupid Pics

    No, going to watch it on the tele...best show and no lines for the bathroom or beer
  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....have a great day(and night)
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