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  1. The whole album rocks! I rode over ten miles on my bike to buy it. Ran several red lights to get home to play it on my record player. Lets just say i was never the same after that day!
  2. Happy New Year to All The Zep Fans around the World And a Very Happy New Year To heyhey_gac Peace to all, GAC64
  3. Here is Ten More...in random order Robin Trower~Bridge of Sighs YES~Relayer ELP~Tarkus Scorpions~Lovedrive Aerosmith~Get your Wings Judas Priest~Sad Wings of Destiny Led Zeppelin~Zep II Van Halen~Fair Warning Queensryche~Operation Mindcrime Ozzy Osbourne~Diary of a Madman Peace,GAC64
  4. Love them or hate them... THEY STILL ROCK!!! Peace, GAC64
  5. Welcome Bruni from Brazil Glad to see that Zep rocks in South America! Keep on rockin Peace, GAC64
  6. Live, 4 times. WOW!!!!

  7. Enjoy That's a great age to get into Zep! GAC64
  8. I'm 43 from Burbank, CA. Now living in Gilbert, AZ. Didn't get a chance to see Zep. Had reserved tickets when the tour was cancelled in the late 70's. Hope they will tour again so i can take my seven year old to her first concert! GAC64
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