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  1. He's probably talking about Page's performance on the Julie Felix Show.
  2. Which sessions are you talking about? But yes, I'm referring to Alexis Korner's radio show recorded at (BBC's) Maida Vale Studios.
  3. The complete concert has been around for quite some time. I think the other rock and roll numbers he is referring to are Sunshine Woman from 1969 and That's All Right Mama, which he edited out of the WLL medley. Everything except for Sunshine Woman, CB on jp.com and a second version of WIAWSNB from 1969, has been released officially.
  4. Here's a plantation from the second last Earls Court concert: "[...] and nobody believed that The New Yardbirds, nothing's changed... Nobody would believe it, and John Paul Jones had just finished a tour with Greta Garbo. And Jimmy Page is coming out of the closet. I never said that! So we really having a good time back in good old England. We got to fly soon. You know how it goes with Dennis. Dear Dennis, private enterprise, no artists in the country any more. He must be Dazed and Confused."
  5. If anyone here is interested in hearing more songs by Page/Williams then I suggest that you track down The Maureeny Wishfull Album. It doesn't sound anything like the song that's featured on JP.com but it does feature some rare sitar playing by Page. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6rbQaPpxR8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWg2zfMnloU
  6. It's definitely from Denmark. I remember seeing it in an Danish article some time ago (and which I've lost the pdf of ) where the story behind it was described briefly. The author further wrote about the first Scandinavian tour and (iirc) how he had some trouble finding material for some article that he had to write at the time. This led to that he went to the Gothenburg gig some days later. It might have been him/his photographer who took the photos that were used for the portrait collage, where they all look so pissed off.
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