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  1. Finally some love for Hots On For Nowhere, thats the first song that immediately comes to mind, love that song and its definitely a forgotten song in the zep catalog. Some others that come to mind that are truly underrated, in the sense that casual zep fans have never heard. Im not sure if songs like Tangerine or All My Love or Fool In The Rain or Babe Im Gonna Leave You can be considered "underrated", those are pretty well known songs that are highly regarded. Night Flight (basically most of disc 2 of PG) South Bound Suarez Carouselambra Out On The Tiles The Crunge
  2. It has been beat to death, i apologize for bringing it up again, but there was some stuff in those youtube videos i never knew about, which is why i brought it up again. Had no clue since ive been loving you wasnt 100% original (and very disappointed in that, thats in my top 5 led zep songs, and its my fav page solo which i hope is 100% original!), the hunter part from how many more times is a word for word ripoff, and i knew the lemon song lyrically was killing floor but didnt know they "borrowed" the riff too. And does jimmy really say he never heard the original dazed and confused by jake h
  3. I know i know its old news, but some of the stuff is pretty blatant. Black Mountain Side is very funny when you think about it, same exact music as black waterside, yet page gets the only writing credit, and they change the title to black mountain side LOL That would be like someonw doing an instrumental version of stairway to heaven, but giving no writing credit to page and plant, and calling it stairway to hell LOL
  4. PG is my favorite album of all time, not just led zep, just an absolute monster album. i remember the first time listening to it not really getting it cause it was just too much to take in in one listen, it took a few listens to fully appreciate it. custard pie is my fav led zep song. looking forward to watching this documentary tonite, thanx drop down!
  5. Physical Graffiti, I consider it the greatest album in rock history, just an absolute monster all around. Honestly though, you can make a case for any of their first 6 albums being their best, just a ridiculous run they had.
  6. Someone should tally up all the picks and see what 3 songs from each album got the most votes! I Your Time Is Gonna Come Communication Breakdown You Shook Me II Heartbreaker Ramble On Whole Lotta Love III Since I've Been Loving You Gallows Pole Celebration Day IV Rock And Roll Misty Mountain Hop The Battle Of Evermore HOTH Over The Hills And Far Away The Song Remains The Same The Rain Song PG Custard Pie Ten Years Gone Kashmir Presence Achilles Last Stand Hots On For Nowhere Nobody's Fault But Mine ITTOD Fool In The Rain Im Gonna Crawl Carouselam
  7. Probably my least favorite zep song, I have a hard time listening to Presence cuz I know it ends with this. To me its just a poor imitation of SIBLY, probably the only time they tried to recreate or rehash something from their past, they were always about pushing the limits and moving forward. Anyone else agree? Tea For One = zzzzzzzzzzz
  8. Greatest band ever, we all know that, been my favorite band since I was 12 and will always be. But for whatever reason havent listened to them much in the last year or so. But lately ive been on a led zep kick and its great to "rediscover" them after you dont listen to them for awhile. It just reaffirms how ridiculously good they were and that nobody can touch them. Was listening to Ten Years Gone last nite and its like this song is so freakin good you cant even describe it. How the hell does the same band write such a ballsy raunchy rocker like Custard Pie, then on the same freakin album h
  9. Theres no debate when it comes to the popularity of the 2 bands in the 70s. Led Zep destroyed the Stones in album sales and concert sales, and did all of it with little promotion and fanfare. When Physical Graffitti was released all their albums were in the top 200 album chart! Same with In Through The Out Door I think, Led Zep were by far the biggest and most popular band in the world throughout the 70s. Thats not subjective or debatable, thats a fact, the #s prove it. Hell they were more popular than the Beatles in late '69 when Zep II knocked Abbey Road from the #1 spot.
  10. I'll go with Dyer Maker For Your Life Candy Store Rock Tea For One (easily my least favorite, its zep ripping off themselves!) Naming a 5th is tough, ill go with Dancing Days. I enjoy it, but I definitely think its overrated
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