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  1. you understood my questions... It is dificult speak with a brazilian,qhen she don´t understand or speak a lot english
  2. But he was very inteligent, he graduated in chimistr with my father...poor that he was crazy,he don´t take a shower,he sometimes eat... but youbelive on what? no evolutionist?
  3. llast month came Sherek 3th,oh my God, The imigrant song,in this film I don´t belive...it´s terrible... And when I wachted school of rock with jack black ,the immigrant song had but the film had implore to led zeppelin let the music into the film and the film is as better than sherek.
  4. Are questions,the galaxi is huge,and we don´t have idea what everything have around(into). and this kind of question ,if we thinking a lot we don´t came in one conclusion,we get crazy. I know one man that get crazy with some theoris,he get crazy about thinking that we are monkeys,he was a techer WAS because today he was in a hospital(clinica).
  5. South of Brazil very very hot today,the best think to do when is very hot is:drink caipirinha and go to the beach...
  6. Imagine,if we are ETs! think about this... It´s a possibilit
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