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  1. I would also have to agree that the photo is of a soundcheck, but I have no idea where.
  2. [ the well's not dry etc. it's just a matter if they want to draw from it or not is all. /i] I think they could put out a very decent cd if they tried, but I also think that at some point the inspiration dries up. Let's face it, if Walking Into Clarksdale was not done by Page/Plant, how much would we really have paid attention to it. It was very forgettable. I have also tried to listen to McCartney's past few efforts, and just can't get into them as much as I try. I'm not trying to slag the guys here in any way, as I am a huge fan, but I am just being a realist. I'll still buy anything from them when and if it happens, but i dont want to set my expectations too high. I do think also, that JPJ must be a part of any future recording and could be the difference in the sound and quality of any new material. He really excelled in the 02 reunion and held the show together.
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