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  1. i think the initial idea of this being like a Ringo Starr all star show- excellent idea. I think it would also give Jimmy alot of flexibility with the set and make the shows interesting and not so static- it would take the pressure off and make the shows very loose- this could really work !!!!!
  2. I was hoping for the re-release of TSRTS, that they would have released one of the Garden shows in its entirety. To this day, there is still no commercial video release of one complete concert from their peak. I would just like to hear and see one from start to finish, to get the whole experience, whether or not it is perfect. I know Jimmy has to have some, but man he puts this stuff out only every few years. What is he waiting for at this point???
  3. I picked up my copy tonight at Barnes & Noble in NY; unfortunately, I did not know it was basically a repackage until I got it home and thumbed through it. It still was nice to see an ENTIRE edition devoted to Zep. I did think that $15.00 US was a little steep, though. Good thing I had a 15% off coupon !!!!!!!!
  4. You know what the funny thing is, I try to fit this question in regarding other bands, and I can't. For some reason, Zep seems to be the only band where this question really fits or makes sense. I always thought of different Zep material cooresponding to different seasons, and I'm glad I'm not the only one. For me: Winter- none really(maybe ITTOD if I was pressed to pick one) Spring- IV(not quite sure why but that is the feeling I get) Summer- definately HOTH(with the exception of NQ), followed by Phys. Graff. Fall-II or III
  5. I would also have to agree that the photo is of a soundcheck, but I have no idea where.
  6. Page and Plant, Shepherds Bush, 1998. Hear it on the Shining In The Light CD single. Definitive version for me, perhaps helped by the fact that I was at the show, I dunno As far as post-Zep, this version might be the best. I remember when I got the cd single of Shining in The Light, and when I listened to this version, I was floored. It is just about pretty much perfect in it's construction and the way it builds, amazing for '98 !!! Boy, what Page is capable of doing when he plays on a regular basis!!!! Blew away the 'O2 version by far for me, as did most of the live stuff in '98.
  7. I think the biggest shame of it NOT happening, is the fact that they sounded so good and are still able to pull it off at such a high level. And with multiple shows under their belts, the performance can only get better. I can see if they no longer sounded good, but these boys still "got it". I just wish that "it" could be reawakened for one more go 'round.
  8. It was my wedding song- glad that the wife liked it just as much also. We both knew that would be the one.
  9. Probably Seattle 1975(one of the best 1975 shows) or Nassau Coliseum(NY) 1972- that was the reputed WAY over 4 hour show-supposed legendary night.
  10. Ian Paice(Deep Purple) doesn't seem to have lost a step and is still going strong, so I am sure that Bonzo would have been fine. It does seem that them doing this material is like riding a bike- you don't forget.
  11. [ the well's not dry etc. it's just a matter if they want to draw from it or not is all. /i] I think they could put out a very decent cd if they tried, but I also think that at some point the inspiration dries up. Let's face it, if Walking Into Clarksdale was not done by Page/Plant, how much would we really have paid attention to it. It was very forgettable. I have also tried to listen to McCartney's past few efforts, and just can't get into them as much as I try. I'm not trying to slag the guys here in any way, as I am a huge fan, but I am just being a realist. I'll still
  12. I wasn't necessarily knocking the '80s shows. There were some good moments- I have some of them on bootleg. But Jimmy was painful to listen to at times(especially in SIBLY-which had no emotion in it and sounded so thin- like they were playing in a lounge). Just taking one look at him then- you can see that he was not in good shape. The Zurich show from then was decent, and I even like the Manheim show. But you are right, I think the 79 shows sounded more like traditional Zep. I'm just more partial to 79 than 80, that's all.
  13. Like the woman that screams at the beginning of every song on the Page & Crowes CD. Freaking annoying, especially because you know its coming. LOL. I thought I was one of the only ones that picked up on that !!!!!!!
  14. I have to agree that Manheim 1980 was very good for the time.(better than one would expect it to be). I am also partial to the 1977 versions over the 1975 versions.
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