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  1. Uh .... they did ... they did the O2 ... and to their utter amazment, it worked!
  2. Now Knebby, let's be nice. Let's not act like a Plant backer!!
  3. What Led Zeppelin should do is a one-time massive global "farewell tour," do the top 17 or 18 Zep songs that would be voted on by the fans all over the world, put out a DVD on the best of ... from this world tour, then retire for good.
  4. I think that Led Zeppelin should do a massive global "FAREWELL TOUR," play the top 17 or 18 songs that THE FANS WANT TO HEAR for the last time and then properly retire LED ZEPPELIN permanantly. That would be the best thing to do career-wise.
  5. Frankly, I'm quite open for Page/Jones/Bonham Jr./ to do something with a different singer and a different name (Page/Jones Project?). And if it's Myles Kennedy, Ben Harper, or somebody else for that matter, then I'm quite open to it. It would be good for the them to record new material (especially if it's Page/Jones/Bonham Jr. writing the material). We do have yet to hear this collaboration do something new. And if they do L.Z. material, then it would be good for them to do tunes like, The Lemon Song, Livin Lovin Maid, Bring It On Home, How Many More Times, I Can't Quit You Baby, etc., songs
  6. I will diplomatically concede then that I am wrong, since you claim to have personal and ongoing contact with the Plant and Bonham Families.
  7. Humour??? Oh well, suit yourself. As for conceding, if you can tell me for a fact that you have firsthand personal knowledge and relations with the Plant and Bonham Families, the answer is NO.
  8. A drummer is a musician, which I am, so it doesn't require a thought of any kind. It's who I am and it does mean something, to me at least, since it is a gift. And yes, you and I look at the world very differently. I wonder what an individual's logic is when they have a picture of a skeleton flipping people off.
  9. So ... the name KNEBBY and your pathetic comment is Winston Churchill matierial?
  10. Mr. Robert Plant is acting very childish (more like a very spoiled baby) in this whole process. His reluctance to tour, in my view, is nothing more than him thumbing his nose not only to Mssrs. Page, Jones, and the Bonham family, but also to the fans that made him the rock icon that he is. Mr. Plant, whatever issues that you seem to have with Mssrs. Page, Jones, and the Bonham Family, quit thinking about yourself and your issues for a change ... and start thinking about the millions of fans who want to see you, Mr. Page, Mr. Jones, and the son of John Henrry Bonham (honoring his father's legac
  11. Could it be a strong possibility that Mssrs. Page & Jones, with the able assistance of the son of John Henry Bonham will finally thumb their noses at Mr. Robert Plant and reconquer the world without him? This new vocalist better be an individual that will cause us to permanantly forget that Mr. Plant was the original vocalist for Led Zeppelin (as it seems that Mr. Plant does not presently value the fact that he was the heralded vocalist of the band that made him rock royalty). What issues does Mr. Plant have with Mssrs. Page & Jones, and with the Bonham Family (particularly, Jason Bonh
  12. Good Times, Bad Times .... Dazed and Confused ... and Whole Lotta Love ... those are hallmark Zep songs to me.
  13. Bonzo's spirit resurrected in the person of Mr. Jason Bonham ... thus, reviving the spirit of Led Zeppelin ... hands down!
  14. We have to remind ourselves that this is a business .... and Mr. Plant is under contractual obligation to tour with Ms. Krauss and support the "Raising Sand" recording. When you are under contractual obligation, you do it ... otherwise, you will get sued. That is all that Mr. Plant is trying to tell the fans. Let's not be too hard on Mr. Plant. He cannot back down from a contract that he already signed. I do believe that Led Zeppelin will reunite and give us one phenomenal show or shows ... the appropriate time. They are always innovative and like to do new things that are out of the ordinary.
  15. If there is any person who deserved to sit in for John Bonham, it is his son. I believe that Jason Bonham will be the one who will resurrect the Led Zeppelin legacy and take it into new and higher heights. This would have made John Bonham proud!
  16. It is always common for a singer not to do too much rehearsal with the band. The voice must a preserved to hit the notes accurately. So, it's understandable that RP didn't show up for too many rehearsals.
  17. I do not believe that RP, JP, & JPJ owe us a tour. On the other hand, in my humble opinion, they are more than capable in doing a phenominal tour because judging from the O2 show, their musicianship is better than ever. Yes, they have to detune their instruments for RP, however, the classic songs have never sounded better. And with Bonham the son, it will be absolutely fantastic!!
  18. Good Times Bad Times, Black Dog, Kashmir, Since I've Been Loving You, No Quarter, Trampled Under Foot, In My Time of Dying .... those stand out to me.
  19. I've only seen the YouTube snippets of the O2 show. However, I would like to say thank-you for reforming and for having Jason Bonham sit in for the late great John H. Bonham. The spirit of Led Zeppelin has resurrected!!
  20. Jason Bonham has made his late father very proud. John Bonham has resurrected through his son. Jason, in my humble opinion has recusitated the spirit of Led Zeppelin. It is because of Jason that there are clamorings for Led Zeppelin to do a world tour.
  21. Considering that the band had never played a full set with Jason Bonham, plus the added pressure for Jason to fill his late father's shoes, plus all the hoopla surrounding the fact that Mssrs. Page, Plant, and Jones were playing together on the same stage .... I believe that we can cut some slack for Jason and Mssrs. Page, Plant, and Jones. This show was pressure and they are human!
  22. Jason did an excellent job standing in for his late father. At the O2, there was a BONHAM present drumming for Led Zeppelin. The spirit of John Bonham resurrected through his first-born son. Jason made his late father very proud!!
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