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  1. I completely concur. RAH and the Paris show from BBC from a concert standpoint. I was disappointed in the BBC Paris show in that they edited out all of Robert's musings. Perhaps Mandrakes is politically incorrect. Earl's Court from HTWWW was great, though. I've heard that their 1980 Berlin show was also very good.
  2. "Jason is a very nice person-and a very GREAT skin beater with a true kind human side of him to take the time to share with ME/us, just some fans that he had never met. Thank you Jason Bonham! Jimmy & Robert were great with me also in 1995 & 1998. I have been VERY BUSY the last 10 years & hate I have missed JPJ, but I know he would be just as kind if I ever got a chance to meet him. So many of these so-called MUSICIANS take on music like it is some kind of competition which makes me SICK! That lets me know that they are missing the whole point of LED-ZEPPELIN. I never really practice-I pick up the guitar & just channel as much energy into it that I can muster. Music is about the feel. Sometimes I play good, sometimes not so good. But I have fun with it. That is what MUSIC IS ABOUT! Great players inspire me, but they NEVER intimidate me." "Make music for no one but you----Be your best/worst critic & the true Presence of music will be channeled THROUGH you." Amen, Jimmy. On the flip, I have met and spoken with Danny Hutton and Cory Wells of TDN along with Van Dyke Parks in my search of Brian Wilson's Smile vibe. I thought if I met these people, I could find the said vibe and touch the presence. I found through them that I as already in touch with it, but didn't give myself credit. The common denominator I have found with musicians that I respect (Zep, the Beach Boys, Beatles, Floyd, the Zombies, et al) is that they are all humbled by the presence and carry this humility at their core, though there may be a bit of flash and transient bullshit on the exterior. -Surfbass in Calif.
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