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  1. Now that in contrast is very much worth listening to
  2. Sorry, but not really worth listening to It semms unrehearsed like one in the comments said...
  3. Can I listen to the gig at absolute radio or anywhere else in the internet? When does it start?
  4. Never realised the press conference scene...when does it happen? By the way, has anyone found any eastereggs?
  5. Levee is the best Zeppelin song ever!
  6. audioservant


    German beer is the best because of the 'Reinheitsgebot' My favourite is 'Früh Kölsch'
  7. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah Yann Tiersen - Comtine d'un Autre and most of all: Johnny Cash - Hurt
  8. The performance was messed up, because audio/video were not synchronized. Its the fault of the american tv station I think and I heard that everybod outside the US had the same problem
  9. Baby you can drive my car by the Beatles Perhaps included in Trampled Underfood
  10. I totally agree with you! For me its's the best version because of the heavy sound
  11. Thank you very much! Makes my evening
  12. Would be very very nice if someone would kep me informed about the release of the soundboard (especially when it appears online) via PM From what I heard so far (Stairway and No Quarter) its just an awesome show! Thank you very much!
  13. I was at the concert, too I've to say that the sound was awesome and the interplay between the band was as if they and not Zeppelin had their 40th Anniversary. I think everybody knows about the great qualities of the musicians except perhaps for Alain Johannes who really should be mentioned here, because he amazed me with a fine blues guitar solo! What more can I say? Try to tune in to WDR 3 (german television station) on Tuesday Decembre 15 at 23.15 CET to get impressions of the concert! Cheers
  14. Thanks for the quick answer. I read the sound sucked? Hope its gonna be better tomorrow...
  15. Could anybody please tell me how long the concert in Munich lasted and when TCV went on stage? (think there was a support act call Sweethead). Just tryin' to plan my route back home for tomorrow night in Cologne Thank you very much!
  16. the Black Beauty page now features some samples of it...
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