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  1. Just bought the It might get loud dvd and for anyone who usually skips the deleted scenes on dvd's don't do it this time. The scene of jimmy showing edge and jack the way to play Kashmir is priceless. Also jimmy showing them how the Theremin that was used in whole lotta love is intresting as well. Plus jimmys trip back to Headley the house where they recorded is very good as well. The press conference scene is intresting as well with the last reporter asking jimmy about a led zep reunion. This dvd is worth buying and keeping trust me.

    Never realised the press conference scene...when does it happen?

    By the way, has anyone found any eastereggs?

  2. Someone observerd that since the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" incident, they are only getting gray haired halftime acts for the Super Bowl (i.e. no young folks in case they do something similarly inappropriate). Not sure if that's official policy or just an observation. :unsure:

    Just wanted to say too that I enjoyed Queen Latifah and Carrie Underwood's performances as well. There was obviously something wrong with Queen Latifah's headset but she worked it out; and Carrie did a great job acapella. I automatically brace myself for those high notes (we attend *A LOT* of youth sporting events where the anthem is sung) but she did it!

    But Townshend had a "wardrobe malfunction" too :D

  3. Would be very very nice if someone would kep me informed about the release of the soundboard (especially when it appears online):P via PM

    From what I heard so far (Stairway and No Quarter) its just an awesome show!

    Thank you very much!

  4. I was at the concert, too

    I've to say that the sound was awesome and the interplay between the band was as if they and not Zeppelin had their 40th Anniversary. I think everybody knows about the great qualities of the musicians except perhaps for Alain Johannes who really should be mentioned here, because he amazed me with a fine blues guitar solo!

    What more can I say? Try to tune in to WDR 3 (german television station) on Tuesday Decembre 15 at 23.15 CET to get impressions of the concert!


  5. Could anybody please tell me how long the concert in Munich lasted and when TCV went on stage? (think there was a support act call Sweethead). Just tryin' to plan my route back home for tomorrow night in Cologne

    Thank you very much!

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