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  1. Well, good evening! This thread is to discuss your favourite Zep covers by famous band and the ones you could imagine Lets see... My favourite one is No Quarter by Tool and what would be great: In my time of dying and I can't quit you bab by The White Stripes/Raconteurs Good Night
  2. Can anyone recommend a book about the history of the blues? Thank you!
  3. I like John Mayer, great tone, great playing, great feeling... even if he was a pop artist, he can play the blues very well
  4. I feel very comfortable with a Gibson SG (got the "Special Faded" Version" and also a Stratocaster Cheers
  5. what a great moment when Jimmy plays Wll with the original MK II Tonebender ...just look at their faces
  6. So could anyone confirm JPJs memories? Maybe Steve A. Jones has somethig to say about it?
  7. Hey guys, I just would like to know, if there is any bootleg known, that features the complete four hour gig. In Dave Lewis Concert file JPJ is qouted"the key Led Zeppelin gig-the one that put everything into focus" Would be amazing to haer all the covers that Zep did on this evening...has anyone a "setlist" ? Cheers!
  8. I'm going to wartch No country for old man in the next few days. How do you like the Coen brothers? The Big Lebowski is one of my favourites!
  9. I think it's really a shame that so many people are mad at billy corgan because he calls the band Smashing Pumpkins again with only two members left. Billy himself said that its not a reunion because they are making new music and he names them pumpkins because it is his band... And I think the new stuff rocks, just listen to FOL, the new Heavy Metal Machine version or the 30 min epic Gossamer... not many bands dare to do songs of that length and it is sad that they get such a bad feedbach from their fans, especially in Europe: I was at the concert in munich 2007 and the hall was half empt
  10. Hi guys, are there any Pumpkins fans out there? I really enjoy this band, especially after the "Reunion" in 07
  11. Hi guys, please excuse me, if it's already exisitng
  12. Kleists 'Kann sein, kann sein auch nicht' from the novel 'Michael Kohlhaas' now you guess what that means huh
  13. definetly Almost Famous (extended version)
  14. why not the best of? I know its nearly impssible to narrow it down to just one cd but what can you do?
  15. I really like th Who, especially Pete is such a great rhythm guitar player and songwriter, also very intelligent from what I heard in interviews. He's really desillusionating all myths of rock ...and Tommy is the greatest concept album ever! What are your favourite Who - Bootlegs?
  16. the kinks are so cool! Waterloo Sunset is probably the sweetest pop song out there. Days, Lola, Til the end of the day, Apeman, Ray Davies is such agreat songwriter. By the way, what are youre favourite Kinks-bootlegs?
  17. I think no band should be accused by their fans because of "sellout". Sellout to what? Let's just say the song remains the same If you like a song, there's no reason to like it less if its played in a commercial
  18. I have to make a serious contribution, although its not a 5 watt tube amp: the VOX AC 30 amplug (it's a headphone amp): it really has the sensitivity of a tube amp which means you can regulate from clean to overdrive with the volume poti of your guitar and it only costs 40 €....
  19. Hello guys, I start this thread to talk about some of the greatest moments of zep onstage. As I am to young to have seen them live I can only refer to bootlegs, but of course the older ones are supposed to share their experiences My favourite so far is the Loui Loui encore of the LA show 6-25-72 (burn like a candle): It just catches the spirit of the night so well... Also great, when the audience sang the "remember laughter" part of sth at the 02...
  20. Thank you too! Gonna listen to some clips also
  21. Thank you very much! Gonna listen to some youtube clips
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