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  1. Low wattage amps are useful for getting the tone and feel of an amp being pushed hard without going deaf or having the cops show up. IMO more important than the tone is the feel, the dynamics and response. An amp being pushed feels different than one that isn't, the way the speaker behaves etc.

    That said even a 5W tube amp is still very loud when cranked. Personally I think smaller amps, like a 1W or are more useful at home.

    Can you recommend one?

    Thank you!

  2. Are you planning on buying? If so, I can give you a review of the Egnater this weekend.

    Say I'm certainly going to test some in the near future. I doubt that I will have the opportunity to test the amp your going to buy(never heard of it) but you are free to post a review anyway B)

    Cheers (Lets have a whiskey with Irish Cream)

  3. Maybe Jimmy Page joins Plant at his Grammy Performance with Alison Krauss and everybody gets crazy speculating another 150,000 pages about a possible reunion that has clearly been denied <_<

  4. at the end of the day, these lists are more about making sure all possible bands are included and the current generation of fans are satisfied, than about putting the right songs in the right slots. this was more of a Top 100 Metal/Hair-Band Songs Of All Time list than a Top 100 Hard Rock Songs list anyways. but that's what makes it ultimately pointless, what I consider Metal and Hair-Band music, someone else considers Hard Rock. and when fans are allowed to vote, that just turns it into a popularity contest.

    totally agree with you, these lists don't mean anything...

    just would be interesting to know how they created the list, meaning what data it is based upon

  5. if they really are to tour in 2009, don't you think we'll soon have to hear something from the guys?

    I don't know how long it takes to set up a tour, but I really doubt that they are going tottour anyway in 2009 if we don't hear somethin, say, til the end of january...and chris cornell would be awesome, but i really doubt he's going to be the new singer...

    ... oh my god, i really am a pessimist, please give me some good news :)

  6. good tone is hard to define, refering to guitar sound I prefer to say a comfortable tone because I realize, that when I like the sound I can play better, I feel more comfortable...

    I think its the same with Cds and Dvds and bootlegs etc., the sound must make you feel comfortable (which can also mean a very distorted sound B) )

  7. Hey guys,

    just want to let you know that the performance is shown on german tv station EinsFestival (20.00 CET)

    Probably it will feature the encores with JP and JPJ. It can perhaps be viewed with the program zatoo

    on pc but I dont know if this works outside of germany.

    Anyway, happy holidays!

  8. I think he's the best. There may be better guitar players as far as pure technique is concerned but Jimi has the ability to move you to an other place, like if you're sitting in a burning house but you don't realize the fire because Jimi makes you listen only to his guitar...

    By the way, what performances (bootleg wise) do you like most) ?

    Happy Christmas!

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