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  1. I really love blueberry hill 09-04-70, just a great show
  2. In Dave Lewis book Led Zeppelin: A Celebration features a chapter that talks of a best of - concert (refering to bootlegs). I'm sorry that I don't own the book but anybody who does could post the suggested list of sonsgs and sources
  3. which dave lewis book would you prefer: "Led Zeppelin" Concert File or Led Zeppelin: A Celebration? what is the main difference between them?
  4. So what book do you recommend as I don't own a zeppelin biography?
  5. On amazon, there's a reprint of the biography (published 2008) and it seems to have more pages (432) than the original one (409). Could anybody please tell me if something intersting has been added? Thank you!
  6. but what does the "crunge" mean if you had to explain the word in a dictionary?
  7. can anyone answer my question please? Thank you
  8. The link doesn't work...page cannot be found...guess this is a bad omen (got the joke?)
  9. By the way: what does the crunge actually mean. I'm not a native speaker and can't find a translation...maybe an allusion to some other song?
  10. Some dream sequences of TSRTS I think are really funny but I'm not sure if this was intended
  11. Thank you, that is some great piece of information!
  12. Hey guys, I always considered Houses of the Holy as the best or at least funniest album Zeppelin has ever done. I guess you already found out that especially dyer'maker and the crunge are the songs I'm talking about... Now I would like to know if there are certain songs ('originals') that Zeppelin alludes to. The crunge could be some James Brown stuff while dyer'maker to me sounds like a parody of The Polices 'Every breath you take' before that song even existed (any reggae artist zeppelin alludes to?) I hope this is worth a discussion and perhaps you have found 'comic elements' in
  13. I hope it will soon be released on DVD, I don't expect it to be around in cinemas in europe very much...
  14. Imogen heap has such a great voice. She was mentioned in this thread and I think it would be great. Only thing I'm not sure about is her ability to sing with "rock attitude" (looking for the right word here) It would be worth an experiment...
  15. must have been Stairway to heaven a few months before I was born
  16. Yeah, Chris Cornell would be really interesting... and what about Jack White
  17. In the package of how the west was won Page says its LedZeppelin at its best and I think you can trust him Cheers
  18. Hey guys! I was always wondering which Zeppelin album fits best to the four seasons of the year. I can only say that houses of the holy is the summer album for me...but which one could be spring, autumn and winter Ever thought about it? (don't mind if not...) Cheers
  19. Hi folks! to refresh the discussion: what is the guitar effect on stairway? (Chorus and reverb?)
  20. For me the Smashing Pumpkins are the best band of the 90s. Today the Pumpkins are very anachronistic in a positive way...they are really into this extending Songs live thing just like Zeppelin was... Of course they remain different bands... I think Zeppelin and the Pumpkins (and of course Nirvana) represented their "zeitgeist" Nowadays Zeppelin and the Pumpkins are exactly the opposite of the zeitgeist, which is very important, because for me all the new bands suck... Ever considered why there were so many reunions in 07...? Greets
  21. I'd say Heartbreaker, No Quarter and Bring it on Home Also the Slide Riffs of IMTOD and Levee...
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