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  1. this thread should be titled "what is wrong with "this forum" these days"....seriously, what happened? (I recently started visting here again after not posting for a couple years). Back in the day this forum celebrated all generations and genres of music, and showed huge diversity. Now it seems that I recognize hardly any familiar 'faces' on this forum, and this subforum(which was always my favorite section here)is uninteresting, and is kind of ignorant of most music scenes since the 90's. what happened? where did everyone go?
  2. The National - High Violet The National - High Violet The National - High Violet The National - High Violet The National - High Violet do yourselves a favour and check it out.
  3. Cynic's Re-Traced EP. They completely reinvented and redid 5 songs from their previous album - Traced in Air. It's phenomenal, and I can't wait till the Vancouver show in july. They are playing their classic album Focus in it's entirety, as well as tracks from TiA and Re-Traced. I saw them open for Meshuggah last year and they were a superb live act. Here is a little teaser for the Re-Traced EP. Check it out people...and if you don't know who Cynic are and you think you might like a metal/jazz hybrid that has electronic and acoustic elements mixed in.....then give em a listen. I
  4. Hey guys, it's been a long while since I posted. I see a couple familiar faces. I've been rocking this new release like crazy. They sound kind of like MIA with epic and crunchy guitar riffs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bcLWZY7kAQ http://www.prefixmag.com/reviews/sleigh-bells/treats// "This Brooklyn act is another male-female duo receiving a lot of buzz, but don’t expect the dream-pop vibe of Beach House or the folk-tinged sound of She & Him. Rather, Sleigh Bells make grungy dance pop that’s been praised by Pitchfork, which lauded their “fun synth rave-ups” for being “b
  5. Dredg Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin John Vanderslice Miles Davis I haven't posted here in AGES! I used to post on the old board since around 2001. Anyone still around?
  6. yeah It's pretty fucked up. Shit like that doesnt happen in Canada. Well, until now.
  7. heath was by far the best part of the movie. Bale SUCKED, bigtime. overall I enjoyed the last batman movie alot more. Did not impress. Overhyped! To the max!
  8. Um, there has always been performers who do not write material.
  9. well.I like Stereopathic Soulmanure (it has a noisy post-punk type sound). As well as Sea Change, an album about the breakup with his longtime girlfriend. Sea Change uses simpler songwriting, as well as being completely sincere. His last record The Information had some fantastic cuts as well, 1000BPM is one of the best songs he has written.
  10. Odelay and Mellow Gold are the two MUST have beck albums. This new expantion sounds like it could be cool.
  11. I didnt know that Turbonegro has a new album out, I think I better check that out.
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