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    fishing , hunting (whitetail) , rockin , some drinkin ! lol

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  1. hi melanie havnt been on in almost a year good to see ya still here ;)

  2. Well I just dropped in to say Hello to the board - been away with life havnt posted since sept. last year so due for a yearly drop in and KEEP ON ROCKIN ALONG ALL have a great summer all
  3. wow all the old " excuse the term " posters hanging out here . Great to know you are all still zeooing it out HEMI

  4. Been a long time since i did the zep board hi to all that remember me and those of you that are new to board - keep zepp-ing along every day (secret to long life ) :)p
  5. Billy Mays and Extenzee geesh give me a f*****kn break !!!!
  6. Laptop , beer , paperwieght w/ wolf in it , post it pad , pen and last but not least my AARP card lol
  7. i think there is no way he's gonna do all he said 1: no money 2. Big War Machine ( dictates policy in wartime) not presidents 3. Bush screwed so much up that 3 presidents from now it will still be screwed up . 4. China Owns U.S. JUST TO LIST A FEW
  8. welcome to the ZEP board ... as said music transcends color and brings people together ... and as well said "GET THE LED OUT " i love to have a Led block everyday !!!
  9. Winning my 8-ball session ... as team we lead by 3 points ... headed to Nashville for the playoffs and maybe back to Vegas again !!!
  10. LMAO never saw that wet place before you know what they say when you gotta go you gotta go heheh
  11. hummm MRI would be bad !!!!! things flying all over the place killin everyone lol
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