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    learning guitar, music, video games, food, and doing nothing.
  1. hey whats up just trying to get to know some people so comment me back

    if u want lol

  2. Nirvana The Doors Black Sabbath Wolfmother White Zombie Kiss The Ramones Smashing Pumpkins AC/DC Kottonmouth Kings Motley Crue Iron Maiden Aerosmith The Kinks
  3. Christmas music is gay just like the smile face i just used
  4. Favs Robert Plant Jim Morrison Kurt Cobain Paul Stanley Gene Simmons Pete Ham (Badfinger) Rob Zombie (Mostly White Zombie, not his solo career) Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother) Bruce Dickinson Hate Britney Spears Madonna Jessica Simpson Singer of Van Halen Jon Bon Jovi(most hated )
  5. Does anyone like nirvana? I like "in bloom". Its my fav nirvana song
  6. mine is usually "people are strange" by the doors. it gets stuck in there for days after i listen to it
  7. u were born july 4th, i was born july 6th 34 years later kind of small world

  8. cool zeppelin legos=D

  9. my fav is immigrant song cause its awesome
  10. To record your interests, you go to my controls on the top of the page, and then to profile information.

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