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  1. I think the photos are of Robert at a basketball game...there is video of it probably on YouTube. Check Getty Images around that date, you should find them, they are great pictures.
  2. Welcome Riana. Enjoy the eye candy.
  3. Although my neighbors don't park in my driveway, they continuously use it as a turn-around. Drives me crazy.
  4. I hear ya. I defrosted my freezer at 3:30 the other morning for that same reason.
  5. Thanks for those pics glicine. Jeez, he's so hot.
  6. Based on my past experience, if they had even tried to move at all it would be, at least a gesture. I had an unpleasant "run-in" with a lady I used to work with; as I moved my space worth, out of the way, she didn't. The result was a noticeable brush. Next I knew, she had called the police on me. Aren't people grand!
  7. The past few pictures in this thread sparked a most interesting dream with Robert last night. Ah, if only I could have more of those kinds of dreams.
  8. Doing a favor for a neighbor and then having them take advantage of it.
  9. Since hitting my 40's each year gets more torturous to sleep. So my pet peeve: HORMONES!! No comments necessary.
  10. Thanks for posting! Seems that Robert has more control over his voice, he appears much more focused on it. He sounds fantastic!
  11. I hope your parents realize what a level-headed kid they have!
  12. People that are so pessimistic that they suck your energy like a vampire.
  13. Awesome series of photos evster, thanks for posting.
  14. That pic makes me want to brush the sand off of him...all of him...
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