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  1. Not sure if this is the appropriate thread, but I'm listening to Dave Matthews live right now; he's doing a solo acoustic set from home in response to Coronavirus https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/dave-matthews-livestream-concert-verizon-pay-it-forward-live-234734706.html
  2. I just finished The Americans; that was brutal. Incredibly well done but I am so glad to be finished.
  3. I can't wait!! 😀 I am struggling through the Americans. This is the hardest series to watch; I keep having to take breaks because I just can't take it 🙁 Friends keep telling me to hang in there because it's so great but I'm not getting it. I'm more than halfway through but not sure I will finish; these characters are horrible!
  4. The Cure is on my bucket list for sure.
  5. It was pretty incredible! Coach Bennett is a phenomenal person and leader for the team, and it's a very humble group of kids. There are numerous interviews and articles/stories about the team and their integrity; they are simply wonderful people as well as terrific athletes. We in VA couldn't be happier for them!
  6. So happy for the 'Hoos; the team and Coach Bennett are amazing. Such an exciting and emotional win!!
  7. Hoos in the Final Four!! 😎
  8. I've just started "The Bureau"; the French spy series (watching in French w/subtitles, as my French is very rusty). Very good so far.
  9. Not sure if it's the same in the UK as the US, but it's on Amazon Prime Video here.
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