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  1. Virginia

    Good cover songs

    I like the cover much better than the original. The cover: And the original:
  2. Virginia

    Favorite Television Shows

    Wow, I feel like my list has totally changed since I first posted 😵 So many great new shows since then.
  3. Virginia

    What song is stuck in your head?

    Not sure why, but here it is
  4. I hope you're having a wonderful birthday!! 😎
  5. I listened to "Ball and Chain" recently for the first time in a very long time and was surprised by how much it reminded me of SIBLY; maybe not the lyrics, but pretty much everything else about it.
  6. Virginia

    Happy Birthday John Paul Jones!

    Happy Birthday!!
  7. Virginia

    Jack White - Third Man Records

    If you let the You Tube clip play through, there's another new Raconteurs single right behind it!
  8. Virginia

    Jack White - Third Man Records

    New Raconteurs
  9. I should've included the first Bridget Jones' Diary (reindeer jumper) and the first Harry Potter (Sorcerer's Stone); I have always loved the Christmas scene!
  10. 😊 It's one of my favorites of any genre!
  11. Virginia

    What's the Last Concert You Attended?

    DMB Friday night (12/14) in Charlottesville, with Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It was a fantastic show; they played for 2.5+ hours and they played the "All Along the Watchtower/Stairway to Heaven" medley (and the Christmas Song!) during the encore 😎 They also played a second Charlottesville show last night (12/15) with a totally different setlist. We only went Friday; wish we'd gone to both
  12. Virginia

    BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL: The College Football Thread

    Thanks; they ended up with a huge win against UVA on Friday.; what a game that was! We have Notre Dame alumni in the family too, so I can't be too upset about that one.