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  1. Very nice. A new LP, introveniously feeding a new Marshall...you must be in heaven
  2. He sounds pretty good to me in this December 07 video: Of course, doing that night after night would be the ultimate test.
  3. The heavier Blues influence works for me as well. I love the raw sound of cranked tube amps with little or no effects.
  4. Oh hell yeah! I checked their site and they'll be at the Grand Casino, Tunica MS in May. New album, DVD and tour this year...gotta love it.
  5. Not sure how I missed this post previously, but this is great news for DBT fans. I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on a copy of this.
  6. Thanks for the link. Looks like NBC must monitor youtube pretty heavily. The Conan vid is gone. I officially ordered tickets to Patterson's show. Hopefully I'll get a chance to meet him. Earlier today (Saturday), I broke the seal on a bottle of Jack and spent a few hours blasting out DBT tunes on my guitar ...about drove my wife batshit crazy.
  7. I'm in a similar situation. Jason Isbell will be in Oxford soon, but on a Thursday. Two nights in Carrboro eh? I don't know how big the Cat's Cradle is, but it sounds like the tour is going well. They actually switched to a larger venue for the Memphis show, and Boston is already sold out.
  8. I saw Robin Trower a few weeks back at the Daisy on Beale St. in Memphis and I was in Classic Rock heaven. I hope he never quits. I had a chance to meet him after the show, really nice guy. I saw the Drive-By Truckers last night , also at the Daisy... Nothing but whiskey-fueled sonic bliss from start to finish.
  9. I caught the Truckers show last night at the Daisy in Memphis. The house was packed and the show was fantastic. Seems like every time Patterson took a hit of whiskey, the volume went up. Gawd, my ears are ringing today... so much louder than 2 weeks ago at the Trower show (of course I didn't help matters when I stood in front of the house PA to take pics). It was indeed a treat to see Spooner Oldham up on stage with them. Glossary opened the show. I sampled a few of their tunes on Rhapsody and thought they were ok, but their live sound was much more intense and dynamic. I'm looking forward to the Patterson Hood solo show next month in Oxford MS.
  10. I was wondering how life on the road would affect his struggle with alcoholism...kind of figured his lady friend would keep him on a short leash in order to avoid this kind of thing. I wish him well.
  11. 10-4 on the different sound! Here's how Rhapsody categorizes (not that it particularly matters) Slobberbone: Alternative/Punk>Alt. Country>Slobberbone Now here's The Drams: Rock/Pop>The Drams Slobberbone pulled me in immediately. I'll have to listen to the Drams a few more times. I was unaware of the Slobber Truckers or Steve Earl connection.
  12. I'll be looking forward to it, thanks for the info. By the way, thanks for the heads up...your reference to Slobberbone in another thread had me seaching for their music on Rhapsody. Not sure how I missed them, but I dug the hell out of Barrel Chested. They remind me of the drive-by Truckers both lyrically and musically. I'd like to cover some of their songs if I ever get into a stable band situation. Also, that search led me to a couple of other cool bands that I didn't know about, Two Cow Garage and Supersuckers.
  13. I am a fan of his tone as well. Maybe this article will offer a few nuggets of helpful info. "Dean DeLeo’s live setup is a fairly simple, yet highly effective, system that allows the guitarist to hit the highlights of the many and varied tones heard on the Stone Temple Pilots’ studio recordings. Guitar signals get routed through a pedal board equipped with a Dave Friedman-modified Cry baby wah and a Boss CE-1 stereo chorus pedal. One of the CD-1’s stereo outputs feeds an S.I.B. [shit I Built, made by a friends of Dean's -Rik] Varidrive tube preamp, which is run into a Vox AC30 amp. (Dean has three AC30s onstage, but only one is actually used for any given show; the others are there as backups, and for visual effect.) The CE-1’s other output goes into Dean’s rack, which features a Demeter TGP-3 three-channel preamp, a Rocktron Intelliverb and a VHT Classic stereo tube power amp that runs 50 watts per side into two Marshall 4x12 cabinets. (Again, there are three cabinets, which sit beneath the three AC30s, but only two are actually used.) "Essentially, this creates a nice chiming Vox sound along with a big crunchy Marshall sound," says DeLeo’s guitar tech Rich Mazzetta. "Hootsie [JimmyHuth], our front-of-house man, has four mics on the rig, and he can blend the signals from each of those mics. So, although it’s just Dean playing, it actually sounds like two guitar players. It’s a layered sound." http://www.musictoyz.com/articles/chopdean.php
  14. Strange how things work out. Keith shoots smack and skis his ass off without incident. Sonny Bono and Michael Kennedy , both apparently completely sober, lose their lives by hitting trees on the way down. Maybe Keith stayed on the bunny slopes... Oh, back on topic. I just re-visited Honkin' On Bobo and enjoyed it... long live the blues
  15. I caught the 81 show in the Super Dome as well, great show. George Thorogood opened up as I recall. Seems like another band was there too, just can't remember.
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