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  1. Brilliant! My favourite band at the moment. Seen them three times and will see them again when they are Australia in November
  2. IIRC, didn't the Knack's drummer die from cancer 12-18 months ago?
  3. 'Angel' - Sarah McLachlan The version on the single disc "Mirrorball" album is the definitive one.
  4. Yikes & Gadzooks!!! I forgot Cream U idiot!
  5. Tool Muse Rush U2 Sarah McLachlan Hendrix Nirvana Faith No More Aerosmith Cheap Trick Chevelle Dream Theater Heart
  6. Big Day Out 26th January Melbourne Showgrounds
  7. Oops, left out a couple Coheed & Cambria Jeff Buckley Most of... Dream Theater Metallica Slayer The Who AC/DC Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Black Crowes Joe Bonamassa Filter Green Day Guns'N Roses Kiss Manic Street Preachers Mastodon Porcupine Tree Queen REM Springsteen The Tea Party
  8. Aerosmith Cream Hendrix Chevelle A Perfect Circle Audioslave Black Sabbath (Ozzy era) Cheap Trick Coldplay Faith No More Foo Fighters Heart King's X Sarah McLachlan Muse The Music Nirvana Oasis Nine Inch Nails Pearl Jam Radiohead Rage Against the Machine Rush Slipknot Soundgarden Tool U2 Vah Halen (Roth era) The White Stripes
  9. Love them both always will. When I was young it was Aerosmith, now its Rush
  10. Tool - 'Aenima' Deep Purple - 'Made In Japan' Nirvana - 'Live at Reading' Sarah McLachlan - 'Live Acoustic'
  11. What?! No mention of those ghastly Minogue cretins?
  12. In the spirit of Brian May & Eddie Van Halen, I have always wanted to mix and match aspects of my favorite guitars. My ideal guitar has a Les Paul body with an Explorer headstock. The back of the body is contoured like a Strat and is the same thickness, making it lighter than a regular Les Paul. It has the usual Gibson double humbucker pick ups but with a single coil between them. It also has a pick up selector switch.
  13. Classic 1/ Bruce 2/ Entwistle 3/ JPJ 4/ Tom Hamilton 5/ Tom Petersson 6/ Geezer Modern 1/ John Myung 2/ Justin Chancellor 3/ Chris Wolstenholme 4/ Doug Pinnick 5/ Ben Shepherd 6/ Adam Clayton
  14. I heard late last year that Tool were going to do a live CD and/or DVD after they had finished their American tour. Anybody have updates on this?
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