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  1. This is a great distinction. The OP question is probably thought of as bootlegs, but would those answers be different if you experienced it live? In other words, the bootlegs only capture a part of the performance. But performances that may be considered sub-par from just the boots may have been fantastic live. I won't go so far to say Tempe 77 but I would've given a left nut to have experienced that live.
  2. ^yeah, it was with Cameron Crowe but got nixed shortly after several already went out. My copy has the interview.
  3. I was wondering when you were going to post this. ssellers did a great job on this. A lot of debate has been going on if this is 1/31 or 2/1 (sound). I, and a lot of others, have come to the non-definitive conclusion it's from 2/1. But a terrific sync nonetheless.
  4. How the HELL is this a "hot" picture of Jimmy?? Maybe a "hot" picture of Ichobad Crane.
  5. Remember, nobody thought the O2 would happen...and it is. I'm holding out hope for a tour of the States in '08 which we so rightfully deserve.
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