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  1. It was a tidy haul of stuff. And a very entertaining game! Unfortunately, the weather delayed the start of the concert until after 11 and we just weren't going to sit around for a couple of hours, so we left pretty soon after the game ended. Ah well... next time.
  2. 3. And a tshier, umbrella and water bottle. Using my season ticket points. Also, the Avett Brothers are doing a concert after the game. If it doesn't rain which it looks like it's going to do right now.
  3. Hey now! We're leaving for the game now. We will definitely liven up the proceedings. Maybe
  4. ebk


    Sorry Sean, but I have to say that I'm very happy that Novaxx lost. He's a total jerk, and this way, hopefully the story will be the ladies final, which was fab.
  5. Wait - you mean this isn't true? https://www.theonion.com/horrified-anti-vaxxer-discovers-every-american-who-got-1847644353
  6. I think this is the most rational thing I've read so far.
  7. Our long, national (okay, local) nightmare is over - the Os win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The commissioner says that those will go away after this season - they were just pandemic responses. He'd better keep to that because both of those things are awful. What it thin - Little League?? (Although if you look at the Os these days, your answer might be "yes").
  9. Thanks Walter!! 🥂😘
  10. Thanks Sean! That's lovely and looks quite tasty.
  11. Not excited about Baez? I have no opinion on this, just wondering.
  12. I'm right there with you!! That looked fabulous!!!
  13. That would be fine. Someone suggested the Federals, but that might bring to mind the ill-fated USFL (was that the league? I can't actually remember the letters involved). It was thought that it would go with the Capitals and Nationals. (The Wiz being outliers). I like the Little Napoleons, since Little Danny can't actually name them after himself, that would do for me
  14. Other than it won't be the Warriors or any Native American imagery... nothing. I'm hoping it won't be the Guardians...
  15. And Sean, I thought the Derby was fun. I grabbed the remote as soon as the "celebrity" softball game started, though. What a waste of time.
  16. Yes Paul - once again, the Mets take out the Os. Some things never change.
  17. Hi Paul! Other than my job sucking at the moment, things are swell - thanks for asking! Hope you're well. Going to the game tomorrow, so I hope the rain holds off. Although, if it doesn't, it just means we get to dinner earlier. Which is never a problem
  18. Minus the laundry, I am too.
  19. Good luck Paul! Last year, my glasses went from "affordable" to "really expensive". I'm dreading going for my exam in a couple of months because I know I'll probably need new ones, so there goes a few hundred more dollars. But - better than being blind.
  20. ebk


    It seems to be fixed now. Next time something like this pops up, I will attempt to remember to screenshot it. Thanks Sam!
  21. ebk


    Quote does not work. Also, if possible, the Next Unread and Go To Topic arrows are now at the top of the page instead of at the bottom. Which doesn't really do any good since when finished reading the thread, I'm at the bottom of the page and not the top. Thanks Sam!
  22. ebk


    I googled around yesterday and see that it's carried in a bunch of stores around me, so next time I'm out (later today even!), I'll pick up a bottle or 2. Hope you and Mrs. cp enjoyed your celebration!!
  23. ebk


    A very Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs. cp!!! Of course Sean has had everything :), however, I have not had this. But, I will definitely see if it's available around here. I love a rich, velvety red. Thanks!!
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