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  1. Oh yeah, I also wanted to add that Celebration Day is being released on my Birthday! So I already know how I'm spending my Birthday this year. I'll be getting the Led Out. While I don't have a big TV per se....I have the home theatre surround sound I have big sound. So I'll have to warn the neighbors.....It Might Get Loud!
  2. I saw it in Orland Park IL (near Chicago) and the theatre was about 90% full. It was a crappy cold rainy night I might add, and that could've held the crowd down a little. But the people that did show up were enthusiastic and applauding at the end of each song. We had sound issues at our theatre as well, and around the 3rd song they kicked the volume up to a more acceptable level befitting a concert film. (I saw the Stones Some Girls Live in TX at the same theatre earlier this year and that was LOUD!) But overall, after watching the finished product....Led Zeppelin are still Rock Gods. They pulled it off and sounded as great and powerful as ever. My personal favorites were Misty Mountain Hop, In My Time of Dying, Since I've Been Loving You, Kashmir and For Your Life. P.S. I sat next to a woman at the theatre who said she saw Led Zeppelin the same tour I did in Chicago in '77 but she had front row seats...and said it was the greatest concert experience of her life.
  3. Yeah people were complaining about the volume in Orland Park IL (near Chicago) They seemed to kick it up around the 3rd song. But it definitely could've been louder.
  4. Led Zeppelin A - Z Beginning at 9:00 a.m. today (1/7/11) WLUP FM 97.9 in Chicago will be getting the Led out. Led Zeppelin's entire catalog will be played via A-Z format. FYI you can listen to the LOOP via streaming webcast.
  5. It boggles the mind that they have not put this show out on DVD! I mean millions of people wanted to see this show, and only a lucky few got to attend. The money they could raise for Ahmet's scholarship charity would be astounding if they donated 10-15% of the proceeds from the sales of the DVD to the charity.....and make millions of fans happy in the process. Like I say, it's just absolutely confounding and astounding as to why it hasn't been released yet on DVD. /Luckily I saw the Mighty Zep in concert at Chicago Stadium on Easter Sunday '77.
  6. I've been listening to the newly remastered and expanded version of The Song Remains The Same. Finally got around to picking it up off Amazon. Got a good price and I LOVE all the new bonus songs. How did they not include OTHAFA, Black Dog, the Ocean and others on the old release. It should've been a triple album when it came out! P.S. I'm hearing new stuff in Dazed and Confused too that I had not heard before, it's longer than the vinyl and original CD versions when they came out.
  7. http://eventful.com/performers/led-zeppeli...001-000009585-8 I about fell out of my chair this morning and spit out my coffee when I opened my email and read the Event Reminder. (see link above) I thought I was living in a dream and I was privvy to some super confidential news and Led Zep was going to play a super secret unadvertised show at the House of Blues tomorrow night. I was downright giddy and my heart was racing hoping that this news was true. I made so much noise my wife woke up and asked what's going on after hearing me say "No way....no way" about a half a dozen times! I wouldn't put it past Led Zeppelin to do something as cool as this.....play a couple of small unannounced warm up shows at various House of Blues across the country before playing to stadiums full of adoring fans. Oh well....it was just a Led Zep tribute band playing the HOB (and that's pretty cool too in its' own right) but I was really hoping for the real thing. But the piece de resistance in the email was the little video toward the bottom of the page, there was a short piece speculating who would take Robert Plant's place if Led Zep does decide to tour in '09. My choice would be Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes.....I love that album Jimmy Page with the Black Crowes Live At the Greek. It's one of my alltime fav albums and the Black Crowes do such a great job backing Jimmy Page covering the Led Zep and Yardbirds material.
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